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Bold and the Beautiful


Romance is in the air this season–need some help? Follow these trends.

It seems like every store we visited this month had something fun that was in a print. Black and white, paisley, plaid, flowers-it didn’t matter if it was a dress or a jacket, print covers everything this season. Prints are fun because they can be colorful without being knock-you-over bold. They look good on everyone and can bring some brightness to an otherwise dull winter’s day.

Red is hot this month, and not just because it’s Valentine’s Day … well, maybe. Red slinky dresses are what women will be wearing this month in New Orleans. Deep-red accessories-bags, shoes, jewelry-are all great ways to incorporate the color into your wardrobe without overdoing it. Red lace, charmeuse, silk, satin and even jersey are all great choices when it comes to finding what to wear on a Valentine’s Day date. And after the day for lovers is over, you can always wear it to remind him of what a great night you two had this year. Maybe it’ll get him motivated.

Colorful Shoes
Forget your everyday black or brown shoe. Spice up your wardrobe with a little color this season with your footwear. What better way to update your favorite skinny jeans and long-sleeve layered tees than with a killer pair of red, violet or turquoise stilettos or flats? This season’s bright shoes are also available in a variety of fabrics too, like velvet and satin. Match your new shoes with a bright bag and you’ll be set all spring long. Bright is back in ’07.