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Love the Skin You’re In


Laser One Spa uses cutting-edge technology to reduce the signs of aging—for years

Dr. Jose L. Veras Pola, FAAFPbeauty1
American Board of Medical Specialties Certified Physician
Laser One Spa
4241 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Suite 12

Dr. Jose Veras-Pola is originally from Santiago, Dominican Republic. He graduated from Santiago’s Pontifical Catholic University medical school in 1994 and served as a research physician/staff member in neuroscience at Columbia University. After completing an internship year at New York Medical College/St. Clare’s Hospital, Dr. Veras-Pola joined the Family Medicine Program at East Jefferson Hospital. He is board certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties.

Dr. Veras-Pola joined Syneron Medical in 2007, obtaining his eLight/laser/dual fractional provider certification. He participates in continuing medical education on the aesthetic aspect of medicine and obtained membership to the American Academy of Cosmetic Physicians this year.

He has served as support medical staff on numerous NGO emergency/ambulatory medical care projects in Central America and the Caribbean. He has been an emergency department staff member of three major
hospitals in two states and is also a member of the medical staff at East Jefferson General, Ochsner-Kenner, and Tulane-Lakeside Hospitals. He currently holds a license to practice in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, New York and Dominican Republic.

At Laser One Spa, what is your specialty?beauty2
Our specialty is skin care. We offer cutting-edge technology in a state-of-the-art facility to answer your skin care needs.

What types of treatment do you offer for aging or unhealthy skin?
We offer a combination of laser treatments and skin care regimens that help one look younger, tighten sagging skin, reverse sun damage or impart a youthful glow to the skin.

What is the best noninvasive way to reduce signs of aging?
The best way to regenerate new skin is either with laser therapy or with chemical or mechanical abrasion of the skin. These treatments can be very effective when combined with a good skin regimen.

What is facial rejuvenation?
Facial rejuvenation is essentially the process of replenishing facial skin.

With so many facial rejuvenation treatments available, how do you choose which is best for you?
A personalized consultation will reveal your best approach to achieving healthy, rejuvenated skin.

Who are the best candidates for the different treatments?
Anyone who has been exposed to the sun, has wrinkles, areas of hyperpigmentation, noticeable redness or loss of the natural elasticity in the skin. Those with cellulite are also good candidates for treatment.

How long is the recovery time from the noninvasive treatments?

There is minimal or no down time on all the treatments that we offer.

How long do the results from noninvasive treatments last?beauty3
It varies for every individual. Results may last from a couple of years to five-plus years. Skin care plays a strong role in posttreatment lasting results.

What is the best way to prevent wrinkles?
Protecting your skin from the sun, having a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water and nourishing the skin with the right products.

What is a nonsurgical face-lift?
A nonsurgical face-lift can be achieved by the combination of different laser therapies such as Triniti, Matrix RF and/or the so-called “liquid face-lift” that combines Botox and dermal fillers like Juvéderm, Restylane and Radiesse.

Are your physicians all certified?
Yes, our staff is fully trained on the latest laser technology. They are board certified and members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Physicians. As the largest organ in our bodies, the skin can be exposed to a variety of internal disease. So it is very important to enlist the care of a medical professional before engaging in any skin treatments.