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The Buzz – March 2007


Hello, Buttercups! I hope you had a wonderful Mardi Gras season and took part in the pleasures of the Carnival balls, parades, costumes, great weather and parties galore (check out the photos).

march07-27.jpgNow the Ides of March is approaching and will quickly be followed by the sounds of the Irish jig and those St. Patrick’s Day paraders trading flowers for kisses. Watch out!

Kudos and congratulations are in order for photographers Shannon Brinkman, Judy Cooper, Steven Forster, L. J. Goldstein, Bryce Lankard, Andy Levin, Owen Murphy, Rick Oliver, Frank Relle, Victoria Ryan, Terrence Sanders, Richard Sexton, Mark Sindler, Michael P. Smith and Jonathan Traviesa. Their recent heartfelt exhibit, Moments in Time: New Orleans at the Crossroads shown at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts, is traveling to march07-28.jpgTarragona, Spain, for a two-month exhibition during the 11th International Dixieland Festival. The theme is the cultural identity of New Orleans before and after Hurricane Katrina and what it means to live in New Orleans. The work is to show as broad and accurate a portrait of the city as possible, meaning that the photographers ventured beyond the tourist façade most visitors see. Plans are coming together to tour the exhibition throughout Europe this year, with an ensuing tour in the United States in 2008.march07-29.jpg

Don’t forget Lark in the Park on March 23. For tickets, call 483-9376. Thank you, sponsors: Capitol One, Schlumberger and Republic Beverage Company.

For a rare treat, catch Greg Bossí on guitar at La Thai Cuisine on Metairie Road Friday and Saturday nights. By the way Merlin’s special crab cakes there are divine.

I hope you enjoy the Mardi Gras photos. Until next time, au revoir!

march07-30.jpg march07-31.jpg march07-32.jpg