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Spring Fashion Forecast—Weather Permitting


After an awfully brutal winter, I am craving warmer temperatures and the glorious rays of sunshine.

This past January and February rivaled my time spent in the Northeast. When I moved to New Orleans I thought I had left the painfully freezing temperatures behind. I’ve have had to break out the North Face full-body armor on more than one occasion, and the puffy Eskimo look is hardly slimming or fashion-forward. I used to giggle at the little old ladies who would don the full-length mink the second it dropped below 60 degrees. I dare not laugh anymore. PETA or not, I would kill to walk around looking like a Yeti. I’ve been freezing my Kim Kardashian rump off. How much further south do I have to go?

Just as the mood of Mother Nature changes, so does fashion. Amazing and inspiring clothing and accessories have started to arrive in our local boutiques, and the shelves are filled with the hopes and desires of spring. This season, we can expect a Technicolor forecast, a global journey and a trip back to the androgynous hippie-esque styles of the 1970s. Enjoy the following balmy spring fashion trends as you see fit: Embrace them full-on or use them as suggestions to update your wardrobe and lifestyle.

Hyper colors “Honeysuckle” is the color of the season. Visualize a dynamic reddish pink that evokes energy and the carefree days of summer. This most wearable color looks fabulous on all skin tones. Take note of bold citrus hues and neon as well.

’70s Redux A welcome change from the uber-skinny denim and the legging look, long breezy trousers and higher waists are prevalent. Be aware of the billowy blouses and groovy accessories. This time around, we leave the double knit polyesters of this hippie-cum-disco era behind to update with soft cottons and silks.

Maxi, midi or mini Skirts and dresses are falling at interesting lengths. The maxi skirt and dress is dusting the floor and is paired with wide belts and mesh sandals. The midi or calf-length is shown as a pencil skirt or in a full style. Attempt to do the midi with a platform wedge and a tailored top. Mini shorts return for 2011 and are worn with a structured blazer.

Global Warning Although safari escapades were rampant in 2010, this season we interchange the omnipresent khaki and tan hues for bold and mesmerizing ikats, tribal prints and textures. This trend is spot-on for wearing as an accessory or in a skirt.

Light and lacy Ponder the elegant, playful frocks with neutral tones that engage your feminine side. Look for lace panels on the shoulders and the backs of blouses or over-laying fabrics of skirts and dresses. The style should be faint yet sexy.

If you are inclined to stay current this season, I propose investing in a few of the following pieces. Trends are universal ideas that are applicable in both clothing and accessories. For instance, a “tribal” trend can readily translate into an ikat skirt or a tribal necklace. Adapt these well-edited submissions to adhere to your lifestyle, body type and budget.

Aimée’s 10 Essential Items for Spring 2011

  • Tribal necklace
  • Wider-leg trousers
  • Maxi dress or skirt
  • Drawstring shorter shorts
  • Platform wood wedge sandal
  • Bright bag in a citrus hue
  • Striped tee
  • Blouse with lace details
  • Blush or a lip gloss in honeysuckle shade
  • Ikat print in a skirt or handbag

Bask in the change in temperature and the change in fashion. Old Man Winter was tough on us, but some retail therapy should make you feel better.

Happy shopping!