It’s a fact that many people claim that their favorite type of pie is the fabulously addictive, savory pizza pie. With so many options in the New Orleans area for this delectably craveworthy food, diners can dig into an amazing array of pizzas with toppings that range from caviar to cinnamon! New Orleans Living suggests starting with the following outlets for some seriously nice slices, and just keep one thing in mind as you plow your way down to the crust: CARBS BE DAMNED!

Billed as the “Home of New Orleans Thin Crust Pizza,” this Bywater dough destination is a favorite of many a pizza pundit. Loved for its pies with creative names like the “The Birdland,” with seasoned chicken, roasted red peppers and mushrooms, and “A Pizza Named Desire,” with shrimp, Andouille sausage and jalapenos, Sugar Park also adorns many a pie with a spicy hot adobo sauce that’s loved by patrons.

This Metairie institution still packs ’em in for traditional Italian-style pizza. A no-frills joint with tables outfitted in red-and-white-checkered coverings, the Tower features a huge glass window that allows customers to watch in amazement as their pies get flipped into the air. You can’t go wrong ordering a straight-up pepperoni pizza, the most classic version in America and a truly excellent option at this authentic pizzeria.

NOL_Sept_07_Page_40_Image_0002.jpgLOUISIANA PIZZA KITCHEN
Enter either the French Quarter or Riverbend location of LPK, and you’ve crossed over to a world of inventive gourmet pizzas. The crawfish étouffeé pizza, a true Louisiana specialty, includes mozzarella cheese and scallions, and the smoked salmon pizza features capers, caviar, Roma tomatoes, sweet red onions, mozzarella cheese, and cream cheese; both keep customers looking for variety very satiated. Yet there’s a sneaking hunch it’s the blissfully simple Margarita pizza, crafted with fresh tomato sauce, basil leaves and stretchy mozzarella cheese, that keeps people coming back for more.

NOL_Sept_07_Page_40_Image_0005.jpgWHOLE FOODS MARKET
Who says you have to visit a pizza parlor to get a proper piece? Both the Uptown and Metairie Whole Foods stores offer freshly-baked pies, whole or by the slice, in yummy flavors like pepperoni, Greek salad, Portobello mushroom and sausage, veggie, and BBQ chicken. Bring one of these pizzas home and make everyone happy.

The cat is out of the bag on this best-kept pizza secret in the Riverbend area. The kitchen responsible for fine French cuisine also cranks out a mean pizza pie thanks to a trusty old brick oven that yields crazy-good results. This delicious pizza will have you screaming “Ooh la la!,” especially with the Ollivier version, a fantastic crust covered in a garlic-basil pesto and a persillade sauce, dotted with flavorful goat cheese, artichokes and kalamata olives.

NOL_Sept_07_Page_40_Image_0003.jpgTHEO’S NEIGHBORHOOD PIZZA

One dollar domestic longneck nights on Mondays and dollar draft night on Tuesday are perfect reasons for indulging in the great pizza at Theo’s while tossing back some cold suds. Interesting toppings abound at this Uptown eatery, such as fresh yellow squash, chicken, and pepper jack cheese on “The Eccentric,” and sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes and Anaheim peppers on the “Arti-Garlic,” both olive-oil based, butterycrusted pies. Dunk the cheesy bread sticks in tangy marinara sauce while the oven does its thing. It’s worth the wait!

Bring the kids to either of the two locations in Metairie so they can don their own chef hats and go hog wild making their very own pizzas. Try something unique such as the Muffuletta pizza, laden with garlic sauce, pepperoni, ham, salami, cheese and the obligatory olive salad. The Pizza Shoppe features dessert pizzas as well in cinnamon apple and chocolate flavors.

What, what, what? Can pizza be a part of a sensible diet plan? Yes indeed, thanks to this newcomer’s commitment to an innovative nutritional approach to pizza. With a lower-calorie, fiber-packed, sugar, salt and shortening-free crust that boasts dough made from whole grains, seeds and roots, patrons can feel good piling on the tasty fresh toppings, which include a low-fat mozzarella cheese. Plus, none of the taste is sacrificed at either the Claiborne or Riverbend locations, so have another slice!

Herds of folks flock to the Westbank for Mo’s absolutely delectable and insanely gigantic pizza pies, many who insist that Mo’s offers the best and biggest pizza in town. Order a supreme pizza at Mo’s and gaze at the heaping wonderment of toppings you’ll have piled on top your pie, including Italian sausage, mushrooms, olives and pepperoni. Known for their reasonable prices and accommodating space, Mo’s is great for large gatherings of hungry people who want to get their pizza party on!

NOL_Sept_07_Page_40_Image_0004.jpgSLICE PIZZERIA
Thank goodness many of the pizza varieties at this Lee Circle area parlor are available by the slice, because there are plenty you’ll want to try! Start off with the awesome cheese pizza, featuring a New-York style hand-tossed thin crust pie, crowned with mozzarella, parmesan and Romano cheeses and herbs. Then break down and order a whole Prosciutto, gorgonzola and arugula pizza to go. You’ll be glad you did when those breakfast hunger pangs come a-callin’ in the a.m.!