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Dining Among Friends


New Orleans is a city of food connoisseurs, and why shouldn’t it be?

We have some of the most talented chefs creating some of the most innovative food in the world.
But every once in a while, it’s not just the food that needs to be exceptional. Special occasions call for a more intimate dining experience, a place that makes an impression on your guests. So, for your next celebration, big date or important meeting, take a page from us and encounter another side of dining in New Orleans. And don’t forget to look for more private dining wonders in our next issue!

Beer Tasting
Gordon Biersch

Always wanted to know how beer is brewed? What better way than arranging a private brewery tour and tasting of Gordon Biersch’s award-winning brews. During the tour, you will learn a little about the 6,000-year history of beer and its role in civilization; your guide will describe the brewing process and show you how raw materials and brewing equipment are used to produce a wonderfully finished, drinkable beer. And perhaps most important, you will have an opportunity to sample each of the restaurant’s six quality brews, compare the differences and discover your favorite.
Gordon Biersch is located at 200 Poydras Street.
For a beer tasting at Gordon Biersch, the only limit to your party size is your imagination.

Proteus Room
Antoine’s Restaurant

Mardi Gras has been the premier attraction in New Orleans since 1857, just four years after the birth of Antoine’s, so it follows that that the names of each of the dining rooms at Antoine’s are steeped in history. One highlight among these, and one of four dining rooms named for Carnival krewes, is the Proteus Room. This room is adorned with photos of Proteus royalty and memorabilia, including crowns and scepters of years past. Such diverse guests as Whoopi Goldberg, Jerry Bruckheimer and President George W. Bush have enjoyed Antoine’s delicious cuisine from the inviting ambience of the Proteus Room.
Antoine’s Restaurant is located at 725 St. Louis Street.
The Proteus Room at Antoine’s Restaurant can seat 15 to 30.

Food Bar
One Restaurant and Lounge

Ever wanted to feel like you were on the front row while dining? There is no better place to grab a bird’s-eye view of amazing chefs preparing amazing cuisine than at the Food Bar of One Restaurant and Lounge. Sitting along the bar allows you to really take part in your meal. You can ask questions, learn techniques and view different dishes–all of which are delectable–as they are being prepared. Rent the entire bar or just a couple of seats and who knows, you might rub elbows with local celebrities like Angela Hill, Irvin Mayfield or Lee Zurich!
One Restaurant and Lounge is located at 8132 Hampson Street.
The Food Bar at One Restaurant and Lounge can seat eight.

Private Dining Room
The New Orleans Grill in the Windsor Court Hotel

A favorite of mayors and major political players, the private dining room at the New Orleans Grill is superbly appointed with folding French glass-paneled doors, a mirrored ceiling, an exquisite crystal chandelier, and a specially commissioned museum-quality mural by renowned artist Auseklis Ozols titled “Making Groceries at the Old French Market.” The Windsor Court is the chosen place to stay for actors, artists, musicians, politicians, royalty and the discriminating traveler. The consistently award-winning New Orleans Grill received its new name after a complete renovation in the fall of 2003. In a recent Zagat readers’ survey for USA Today, the restaurant came in 15 in the top 100 hotel restaurants in America.
The New Orleans Grill is on the second floor of the Windsor Court Hotel, located at 300 Gravier Street.
The Private Dining Room at the New Orleans Grill can seat 25.

The Bourbon Suites
Arnaud’s Restaurant

A favorite for small luncheons and dinner parties, the Bourbon Suites at Arnaud’s Restaurant reflect the architectural style of the rest of this fabulous historic restaurant. Each room of Arnaud’s is residential in style and provides a comfortable atmosphere, just as if you were entertaining in your own home. Dividing the double parlors are pocket doors that can slide into the walls or be left open to create one large room. Recently, James Carville hosted a dinner party in the Bourbon Suites where celebrity guests included Jude Law, Sienna Miller and Sean Penn, among others. If you’re looking for a place to celebrate with the stars in your life, look no further than the Bourbon Suites.
Arnaud’s Restaurant is located at 813 Bienville Street.
The Bourbon Suites at Arnaud’s Restaurant can seat up to 40 guests.

Round Table Private Dining Room
The Rib Room – Rotisserie Extraordinaire

Beneath the Rib Room proper, three distinctive private rooms–the Wine Cellar, Pipkin Room and Round Table Room–have long been the preferred setting of local politicians and celebrity visitors for private celebrations and business meetings. Though you may never have heard of them, these legendary rooms were where local entrepreneurs first whispered the words “Jazz and Heritage Festival” and “Superdome.” The Round Table Room, which was originally the Silver Room when the hotel opened in 1965, has had every mayor of New Orleans since Vic Schiro dine in it. And each of them were warmly greeted by the Rib Room’s maitre d’ extraordinaire, Dalton Milton, who has been with the restaurant for 45 years. A significant addition to the restaurant dining space is the restoration of the adjacent Escoffier Room. Once a secluded private smoking room for the male patrons of the restaurant, this semi-private dining room can seat up to 28 and overlooks the Rib Room through wrought iron railings.
The Rib Room is located at 621 St. Louis Street.
The private dining rooms at the Rib Room seat eight to 12.