Ask Aimee


Multiple Personality Disorder

I was recently asked to define my style in three words and, although truthful, I couldn’t honestly answer that at the time my style was temperamental, fatigued and frazzled. It was one of those days that I barely got the outfit and hair together, and my ensemble and demeanor was all smoke and mirrors.

Style, in my opinion, is what characterizes you; it is as indistinguishable as your personality. Style is more than fashion – your style is who you are, what you think and do. The question impending was asking me to define my life in three words. Yet I have so many personality changes before the end of the day that all define me that it took me quite some time to classify myself in three words. Every day I am most importantly a mother, wife, sister, daughter, aunt, fashion addict and stylist, as well as an aspiring runner. Consequently, depending on which Aimée I am at any given second will in turn reflect my style du jour. I am Sybil. Perchance there is a pharmaceutical solution for my issues.

While fashion and style are often synonymous, I consider fashion the vehicle that permits you to express your style at prudence. For example, I might be “Mom Aimée” on a Saturday afternoon, fashionably wearing cool Puma kicks for swiftness at City Park, paired with a mini dress from Forever 21. A chunky wrap from Anthropologie might also be necessary for the frigid temperatures while grocery shopping at Langenstein’s. My style would never permit me to have on “mom jeans” with “mom butt” or be caught in running shoes or capri pants. Or when I am “Stylist/Work Aimée,” I often wear scarves to complement my outfitting, don the pant silhouette of the season or sport a dress in the color of the moment. My style would love to have me in sky high heels 24/7 but brutal reality has me in wedges or boots. I also have overzealous personas that only exist in my imagination, such as the “Editor Aimée” who works in leather pencil skirts and travels from fashion week to fashion week blogging about the latest trends, or “Pretty Mommy Aimée” that does Pilates and shops at Whole Foods in head to toe Lululemon active wear.

Fortunately this year’s fall fashion trends and “must haves” will satiate all of my multiple personalities and yours. Below you shall find all the items to complement your mood and closet:

The Vixen – Black leather pants, a mini or pencil skirt. Fur vests and python clutches should be on your list.
The Colorful Character – Bold blocks of color are easily achieved with the purchase of brightly hued denim and skinny cords.
The Loafer – The loafer shoe with a wedge heel or a stacked heel is functional and fashionable.
The Knitter – A cropped sweater with a long tee, a sweater dress or a chic wrap are simple ways to adapt this trend.
The Recycler – 1960s mod fashion should be part of fall 2011 in the form of an A-line coat with a Peter Pan collar and big buttons. These can be found in every price point.
The Go with the Flow Girl – Wide-leg trousers in denim and tailored or unstructured and breezy look spot on with a demure sweater or tee.
The Spotlight Stealer – Baubles in the form of chokers and cocktail rings are perfect in daylight and for your fabulous night life.
The Beauty Queen – Bold eyebrows and liquid lined eyes or lips in scarlet or nude hues are easy trends to accomplish.
The Bag Lady – An oversized clutch or wristlet to replace that mini evening bag and a polished bright leather day bag are the ideal investments.

When I was finally able to compose myself and thoughtfully answer the question with my three words, I determined that my style is multifarious, audacious and resolute. Simply three fancy words for random, risky and tenacious, which is candidly me both in fashion and in life. Happy Fall Shopping!