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Valentine’s Day pour deux

Valentine’s Day is a holiday meant to spend time with those we love and shower them with affection. To properly and imaginatively express your love, why not go beyond the flowers, chocolates and the crowded dinners to give that special someone—and perhaps yourself too—the gift of a spa treatment. At Spa Aria, located in the Monteleone Hotel on Royal Street, during Valentine’s Day weekend couples can have massages and pedicures together while enjoying a mimosa, glass of wine or champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.

“Our couples massage is becoming so popular. It’s side by side in the same room and we have the best massage therapists in the city,” said co-owner Sandy Blum. One of the massage therapists she was referring to is Brigette McCain, whose impressive handshake leaves no doubt as to her ability to make you relax and dissolve even the toughest of knots. “You could go somewhere else and get a deep tissue massage and feel like you’ve been beat up and bruised. Our therapists are trained to prepare the muscle before they go deep so you don’t feel how deep it is, but you get the benefits of how deep it is.“

One of the features Spa Aria offers while getting a massage—couples or otherwise—is the BioMat. This comfortable cushion runs the length of your body and incorporates far infrared heat, amethyst crystals and negative ions. The far infrared heat is enhanced with the crystals and the mat is filled with them. When a client lies on the mat, it allows the heat to penetrate 6 to 8 inches into the body, making those sore spots easier to remedy for the massage therapist. “It’s kind of like the wave-of-the-future energy medicine. … Far infrared is what you get from the sun and the negative ions are what you get from nature when you go to the beach or go to the mountains. You feel great instantly but scientifically, you’re breathing in negative ions so it’s boosting the serotonin in your brain and making you feel happy,” said Blum.

Along with business partner Cindy Cocke, Blum believes in incorporating massage into all of their services to make you feel regenerated no matter what service you select. “We even include massage during a waxing; people will come out and say that they feel relaxed. Cindy and I have been doing this for 15 years, and we try to take a holistic, grassroots approach to everything.”

For Valentine’s Day, a mix of various treatments will render you and your mate stress-free and looking refreshed. Spa Aria offers body rituals with 100 percent organic products from Hawaii. After a head to toe scrub for exfoliation, you’ll experience a shower with 13 heads pulsating all over your body. “Whatever stress the massage doesn’t get, the shower pounds out,” explained Blum. There’s also “The Gentleman’s Treat” package, which includes a facial with a hydrating Pavonia mask, a 30 minute massage and a manicure. Blum was happy to mention that men make up 50 percent of their business, proving that Spa Aria is definitely doing something right. Cocke attributes making men more comfortable to their warm, personalized atmosphere. “Our size enables us to give a more personal touch to everything. It’s cozy. At larger spas, you don’t connect with the person as much. If you’re coming to have a very powerful experience with your service provider and staff, that’s what you’re going to get. “

Besides offering a facial for the back and an eye treatment that produces immediate results by eliminating the look of fatigue or too much partying, Spa Aria also sells exclusive lines of spa products, such as Fresh and Kai. Local residents also can take advantage of a 10 percent discount and if you can’t spare the time during Valentine’s Day weekend, a gift certificate is in order. Just call the spa and they’ll deliver the certificate to you or let you pick it up curbside so you don’t even have to get out of your car. Now, that’s service to make anyone smile on Valentine’s Day or all year long.

Spa Aria
Hotel Monteleone
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