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From the Runway to Your Home


Spring interiors are relaxed and organized

It’s springtime once again, and the scent of fresh flowers can be smelled in the gentle breezes that flow through open windows. Although I enjoy this time of year, it really feels like we didn’t even have a winter. Nevertheless, the reality is that spring is upon us and once again it’s time to reorient our decorating initiatives.

Research the Trends

So, what’s hot for this spring season? This year’s focus is on home fashions that reflect the latest styles on the runway: bold colors combined with natural fibers to create a relaxed but organized look. Just how do these trends translate to the home fashion world and to individual designers? It’s easy to achieve this look with linen-inspired fabrics paired with colored accessories such as pillows or a throw. Even fresh flowers can do the trick. We all need a little “flower power” in our lives to inspire us. Now, here’s the deal: untrained and inexperienced individuals get confused when decorating by not using a clean, well-organized palette infused with appealing accessories.

Take Charge

In order to pull off the latest trends, it’s important to carefully consider theme and organization. For example, picture frames scattered all over the house do not make an appealing visual impact unless they are neatly arranged in a specific setting. I enjoy studying high profile design publications and I have yet to find one with a room that is messy and disorganized. Too much is just that—too much. Good designers require balance in design. Sometimes we need to purge all of the insignificant items in order to reveal the real beauty of an area; this is the challenge of all designers.

Getting Started

Always approach proper design with a focus on ‘eye appeal.’ For example, let’s start with your bedroom nightstand since it is one of the first things you see in the morning and one of the last things you see before you go to bed at night. Start by clearing it of all unnecessary items and retain only a few essentials such as a preferred lamp from another room if you don’t currently have one on your nightstand. Add an alarm clock and perhaps a phone if those items are essential to your lifestyle.

Freshen Up

Next, place fresh flowers or a small plant in an appealing location. Make your bed daily and be sure to remove old bedding and the hodgepodge of unnecessary items. Remember: it’s time to freshen up. Use all white or ivory sheets, blankets and pillowcases to transform your bed into one found in a five-star luxury hotel room. Your final touch should be one or more pillows rich in color and accessories that provide eye appeal and brighten your day. Now you’re well on your way to the beginning of pleasurable spring decorating.

Monique Breaux is the owner and principal designer for Posh Exclusive Interiors. For more information, call (877) 768-3346 or visit www.poshinteriors.com.