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Stylist Spotlight: Niki Walker


Niki Takes New Orleans

Photo: Frank Aymami


Niki Walker, Owner of the Niki Walker Salon


To change the hair industry by creating a fun, unique and comfortable ambiance for everyone.


A complimentary, thorough consultation and application of creative skills while keeping the client’s needs in mind. The salon has an original color bar where personalized colors are made in front of clients.

Hairstyle Contributions

As a Paul Mitchell focus salon, education, both in house and in Las Vegas, is required. Salon staff goes through an 18-week training course that includes six weeks of cutting, six weeks of coloring and six weeks of styling.

Community Involvement

The salon participates in the Locks of Love program; any client who donates over ten inches of hair gets a complimentary haircut.

Her Inspiration

Niki Walker always knew she wanted to be in the beauty industry. She began her career as a model at the age of 15, often finding herself backstage at hair shows, mixing with the crowd. She went to beauty school for cosmetology, worked behind the chair for seven years and then went back to school at the Aveda Institute. Niki received her instructor’s license from the Aveda Institute and stayed on as an instructor for three years before becoming a national educator for Paul Mitchell.

Today, she has her own teaching company, Niki Walker Systems. “I love creating and putting different shapes into a haircut to change the contour of people’s faces,” said Niki. Her unique approach involves a consultation in which the client’s appearance as a whole is taken into consideration.“We consider bone structure, face shape, hair texture, hair density and body type, and we personalize a haircut for [each client] using our expertise to advise on the style they should wear,” said Niki. She typically asks clients how much time they spend on their hair, what their morning regimen involves and how often they will come back for upkeep.

Niki travels and teaches at different salons, insisting that once you know the abc’s of haircutting, you can create any cut. In addition to her professional life, she has three kids whom she homeschools.

Niki is particularly proud of her “green” salon: the paint covering the walls is recycled,light bulbs are eco-friendly and doors and sinks came from the Green Project as refurbished, reused materials.

Niki’s Hair Fashion Forecast

Niki sees geometric haircuts coming back. These are classic and timeless haircuts that feature asymmetry and defined precision.

Salon Specialties

It is recommended to make an appointment but walk-ins are accepted. The staff includes a color trainer, someone who specializes in extensions and braids and, of course, Niki, who loves to cut and style long hair. “Everybody is well-rounded but we all have our favorite things that we do,” said Niki.

The Process

At an appointment, staff will ask how much time a client has to spend. He or she then gets a tour of the salon before changing into a robe. If the client is having his or her hair colored, a visit to the color bar is in order, where colors are mixed in martini glasses. The color is applied and then the guest is whisked away to the relaxation area to rest during the color-processing time. A shampoo and neck and back massage take place before the haircut. Lastly, the stylist imparts product knowledge and tips on styling hair.

Niki Walker Salon
625 Baronne St.
Phone: (504) 522-5677
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.nikiwalkersalon.com