The Party Planners


The must-haves for the ladies that make it work

Ginja Moseley, a veteran event planner, has given her business the new “moniker “A Beautiful Life,” which encompasses both her party, floral and interior decoration efforts under one name.

Nina Pratt Gensler, well-known “It Girl ” and former Queen of Comus, with an impressive corporate portfolio (think Arnaud’s, John Besh Group and numerous high-profile charitable fund-raisers) has just formed a new venture, NPGensler Events.

While both work with client’s to “nail” individual needs, each has favorite sources on their “Go-To” list:

For Ginja, it’s:

BIG FLOWERING BRANCHES. “They make a huge statement and can be embellished in a number of ways: ribbons, candles and more.”

SWEET PEA COLORS. “Sugary or intense. Right now, I like to mix them with greens as in newly-sprouted ferns or spring green apple .”

CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT. “My husband Matt (who shares for my enthusiasm for food), flowers, décor, travel, and ‘Mopsie,’ our Shitsu, who likes to sit at my feet in my new office.”

OFTEN USES. “Scriptura for creative stationary; I particularly like the look and feel of its handmade letterpress invitations and cards.

In decorating, I often incorporate my VDM Designs trumeau, inspired by antique mirrors but customized for a client’s needs.”

Nina’s list includes:

FOR FLOWERS: “Steve Baker at Ambrose Flowers, Kenny Rablais at The Plant Gallery and Karen Gilley at Ambience Flowers here and on the North Shore.”

FAVE LOCATIONS: “Luke’s rooftop is a great place for a party; actually, John [Besh] has so many restaurants, casual and formal. I find them very adaptable for various events. Arnaud’s private dining rooms lend themselves to birthday parties, rehearsal dinners, even weddings. Plus, upstairs at Galatoire’s.”

CLOTHES: “The SWAP stores save my life; with so many events, it would be impossible to not repeat myself without them. Millie or Sam at Saks Fifth Avenue, Jennifer at Gae-Tana’s, and Suzanne Perron for couture and bridal wear.”

INVITES AND STATIONARY: “ Like Ginja, I turn to Scriptura, but I’m a bit more formal. I love the feel and elegance of engraved invitations if the client can afford such luxury. If not, I suggest raised embossing.”

For Information:

Ginja Moseley
A Beautiful Life, LLC
(504) 812-6612
[email protected]
Nina Gensler
NPGensler Events LLC
(504) 606-7923
[email protected]