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Style: Clean Cuts


Super Savvy Daddyshoptalkjune2013Every girl is crazy about a sharp-dressed man. Though the song speaks volumes, I am not particularly a fan of ZZ Tops’ facial hair or the “Duck Dynasty” look: a lack of man-scaping paired with 24/7 camouflage attire. Both groups would benefit from a visit to Aidan Gill.

I think we can all agree that we like the look of a gentleman who puts in a little effort. He does not necessarily need to sport a suit and tie like Justin Timberlake, or wear the pervasive bow tie with seersucker, but I will request that he please get more creative than the golf shirt/chino combo. Nor am I captivated by him donning his “best” jersey on non-game days. Gentlemen: When you put on a real shirt, it says you care.

Father Knows Best
I recently came across a snappy dresser and devoted dad who peddles savvy shirts. Larry Maitrejean, a New Orleans native, has always appreciated dressing well and the well-dressed man. When he was a young boy, he watched his father unwrap shirts in tissue and unzip hanging bags baring the Rubenstein Brothers’ namesake. In his adult life, Maitrejean worked in medical sales, where it is imperative to look polished and smart. For 21 years he traveled around town and on the road, frequenting haberdasheries like Jeff’s, The Rogue in Jackson and Cohn Turner in Baton Rouge. Exactly one year ago, a seemingly natural twist of fate occurred, and Larry is now in the business of selling shirts.

“If you are a good salesperson, you can sell anything,” explained Maitrejean. “Especially if you like what you sell, and I happen to enjoy men’s fashion.” As the North American representative for Scandinavian Imports, Maitrejean touts the wares for their brand, “Oscar of Sweden.” His wife, Malin Kvist Maitrejean, happens to be of Swedish decent and was approached to be the brand’s ambassador in the U.S. But Mrs. Maitrejean was very busy with her own company, Malin Construction, so she asked her chic husband to handle the brand’s bidding. That is how Maitrejean entered the fashion world while his lovely, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, Swiss wife is in construction.

“Oscar of Sweden” shirts have been around since 1949. “The shirts are perfect for every man,” stated Maitrejean. “Ideal for the professional or the contemporary gentleman who wants a great sports shirt.” Their hallmark is extraordinary attention to detail and impeccable craftsmanship. And, and added bonus: “Oscar of Sweden” men’s shirt effortlessly transition from the office to date night.

Between raising two little boys who are following in their father’s stylish footprints, and being a supportive husband and friend, Larry travels all over the US writing orders for the “Oscar” brand. From New York to Vegas and every city in between he struggles just like every modern man and father to keep his work and home life balanced. So if Larry Maitrejean feels the need to not dress to the nines on Father’s Day, I will give him a free pass to don his PJs all day.

You can find these notable shirts locally at Italian Direct and ShopLocalStyle.com, and Perlis carries the tuxedo shirt line.

To learn more about the brand, visit www.scandanivianimports.us
For questions about “Oscar of Sweden,” email [email protected].

Psychology of the Male Shopper
Men fix things; it is in their DNA. If there is a quandary in their lives or the lives of those around them, mental or physical, it is in their fundamental nature to remedy the dilemma. If you vent to your husband, father or boyfriend about your troubles at work, they will offer you solutions. When their children fall down and cry, they must stop the tears. This is their inner caveman and superhero gene; they must make the wrong right.

So when most males need new pants they go purchase a pair. Men do not typically spend hours browsing Zappos for shoes, nor do they want to try on ten pairs of denim to see if their derrière looks nice (let it be noted that men have a five-pant “try on” average before they give up). When men need something, they go get it. Whether it is socks or batteries, it the same thought process. Therefore when your father, boyfriend or brother is with you when you are trying on the eleventh pair of skinny denim and he is holding your pocketbook, make certain you show him some love and respect. He must really like you.

Happy Father’s Day and Happy Shopping!