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Fitness Fad: Barre


Achieve a Dancer’s Body (No Tutu Required)
FitnessWellnessBarreJuly2013If you’ve cruised Magazine Street recently, you may have noticed one of the two barre studios located in Uptown. Or perhaps the studio in Metairie or in Mandeville. Barre studios are popping up across the country, celebrities rave about the results they see and locally, even certain Saints players have been spotted partaking. Is this ever-popular ballet-inspired workout worthy of the hype?

What is Barre?
Barre (pronounced “bar”) is an exercise discipline named after the quintessential wooden bar that makes a cameo in almost all ballet courses. The barre method employs isometrics using—yes, the barre—but also through elements of yoga, pilates and weight training. Those who do barre consistently experience a gravity-defying lift to their abs, hips, arms and behind.

What to Expect
A muscle-quivering hour during which your instructor will lead you through sets of exercises designed to isolate specific muscles, usually lifting and lowering distances of mere inches, alternated with stretching. Your muscles will shake, but that good! It’s a sign that muscle toning has begun.
Find a Class

Barre 3
5235 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA 70115
(504) 301-3082
Bonus Points:
Childcare available during the morning class
Online class option for a low-cost monthly subscription

Pure Barre
3923 Magazine St. (additional locations in Mandeville and Metairie)
(504) 342-2208
Bonus Points:
“Bride-to-be” and “Baby-Bounce-Back” programs offer three months of unlimited classes for $400
New client offer of one month of unlimited classes for $100
Kendall Carriere
Owner, barre3 New Orleans

Nutritionist, yoga instructor, avid runner, personal trainer. When it comes to fitness, there isn’t much that Kendall Carriere hasn’t tried. However, when it comes to barre, she is evangelical, so much so that in May she opened a Barre3 studio on Magazine Street.

“I’ve lived with injuries all my life,” said Carriere. “I always felt like I was one injury away from being able to run in races. I started taking barre3 classes online and suddenly found I could run more effortlessly and without pain.” There were other benefits: “I was already in good shape before barre, so I didn’t expect to see much change in my body,” she said. When dovetailed with the relief from injuries, the reshaping of her body was enough to convince her. “I decided I had to open a barre3 studio here in New Orleans.

Gear to Get You Going
Beth Capri Pants by Rese, $78
5523 Magazine St.
(504) 899-2212

Erin Cami by Rese, $68
5523 Magazine St.
(504) 899-2212

Stickie Socks by Pure Barre, $12
3923 Magazine St.
(504) 342-2208
Pony Tee by Pure Barre, $42
3923 Magazine St.
(504) 342-2208