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Style by Aimee: July 2013


Packing Heat
ShopTalkJuly2103Summer is officially here and I am ecstatically anticipating our family’s upcoming journey to Florida. An entire week of sand, sun, frozen beverages and salty Gulf air—I am effervescent!

This particular vacation, I vow to maintain my well-being and remain semi-stylish while traveling with small people in the heat, avoiding jelly fish and working blender après surf. Therefore, it is crucial to make the most out of my luggage, a 22-inch suitcase, in which you will not find any graphic tees with “YOLO” printed across the front. I am an Alvin’s Island snob; don’t judge.

I am a benevolent dictator when it comes to traveling and packing. Not only am I responsible for my own supplies, but I must also ensure that my offspring and husband pack enough underpants and not forgo the flip without the flop. I relish this challenge. I do not pretend to possess many talents, but artfully packing and an eye for outfitting are gifts from the powers above.

Ready to Roll
While prepping for the summer jaunt, I had a conversation with local designer, Carrie Licciardi of Prêt à Porter Designs, who was also packing for a trip—a visit to Los Angeles to meet with her manufacturer. Licciardi was stuffing her suitcase full of her brand’s uncomplicated and easy-to-travel mix-and-match pieces. Prêt à Porter Designs Spring/Summer 2013 collection is made from 100% organic cotton jersey, linen and seersucker, materials that “breathe well and do not hold wrinkles,” said Licciardi.

The heat and humidity of our region make Pret á Porter a perfect addition to your summer wardrobe and suitcase. Licciardi advocates getting the most out of your vacation wardrobe: “I love wearing the tunic as a bathing suit cover-up, after working out or paired with a mini-skirt.”

Her pieces are effortless and easygoing, but they are not basic or boring. It is obvious that her time in Los Angeles has influenced her New Orleans’ blood and henceforth, her designs. To give a modern twist on a quintessential Southern fabric, Licciardi’s seersucker pieces were pre-washed in a silicon and potassium rinse to give them a funky, chic, relaxed appearance. Her super-soft tees are a vibrant orangey-red called “Fire Island” and a muted neon named “Citron.”

Prêt à Porter Designs
(504) 327-0644

Six Steps to Picture-Perfect Packing
Have a drink and make a list: A client once advised me to “Step out of the shower and think of everything you need to get prepped and ready, from your underpinnings to your ears.”

Fantastic Plastic: Friction causes wrinkles, but plastic reduces them. Utilize those dry-cleaning bags to pack your ensembles. Zip-top baggies are great for shoes, toiletries and dirty clothes.

Roll one up: Roll maxi-dresses, pant and skirts lengthwise. T-shirts should be placed face down with the arms folded in.

Origami: Do a square-fold on sweaters and blouses. Button any buttons, smooth out wrinkles and lay arms flat along the body to create an overlap of material on both sides. Fold a third of the garment from the bottom and overlap a third from the top.

Unmentionables: Place underwear and bathing suits in mesh laundry bags from the dollar store and put your socks inside your shoes.

Tetris: Now that everything is tidily arranged, place items outside your bag and create a jigsaw puzzle so that nothing will shift and no empty spaces remain. Place folded items in the center of your bag, toiletries at the bottom, rolled clothes around stacked clothes, shoes into remaining spaces, socks in the shoes and finally, slip in any superfluous goodies necessary for sanity.

For additional packing tips and lists according to destination, visit smartertravel.com.

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