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Boost Your Health with “Gratefull” Juices


Three years ago, Stephanie Green Osborne was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease that wreaks havoc on the digestive system and can cause complications ranging from arthritis and anemia to a pulmonary embolism.LWStephanieOsborne Like many people who are faced with the prospect of having to take debilitating medication, Osborne turned to a more healthful, preventative solution: juicing.

“I took my life and my health into my own hands,” Osborne confided. She has gradually weaned herself off medication by turning to holistic, vitamin-rich juicing, and she hasn’t looked back. “I feel great and haven’t seen a doctor [for ulcerative colitis] in over two years.” Osborne enjoys her delicious, nutrient-filled juices and shares her newfound love with her husband and three children, creating juices ahead of time, making it easy for them to “grab ‘em and go.”

Creating tasty, nutritious juices (as well as her own almond milk) has become such an overwhelming passion for Osborne that she now plans to sell her products at Winn-Dixie stores all over the Gulf South. Keep an eye out for “S.O. Gratefull” juices. The initials stand for “Stephanie Osborne” and the extra “L” emphasizes a drink full of vitamins and nutrients, not to mention how filling eight or 12 ounces of her healthful juice can be. “S.O. Gratefull” will also feature an original label designed by Osborne’s husband, famous local artist Terrance Osborne, as well as information about juicing and soul-satisfying affirmations like “You’re beautiful” and “Thank you.”

If you can’t wait until “S.O. Gratefull” hits Winn-Dixie’s shelves, try out Stephanie’s wonderful recipe for “Green Lemonade,” which she shared with New Orleans Living.

“Green Lemonade” by Stephanie Green Osborne

Combine in juicer:
2 cups kale
2 cups spinach
Juice from ¼ lemon
2 large green apples, cored
1-inch piece of ginger
1 cucumber

To make a sweeter juice, add more apples.
To remove pulp, pour juice through a fine mesh strainer.

Health Benefits:
Contains more than 100% of the daily requirements of Vitamins A, C & K and has only 180 calories.
Aids digestion and blood circulation.
Helps lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation.

A note from Stephanie: Heat and oxygen cause many of the vitamins in juice to dissipate over time, so the best way to fully benefit from all of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that you can get from these delicious fruits and veggies is to drink the juice immediately. However, you can still have a healthy, fresh juice if stored for no more than three days in the fridge or seven days in the freezer.