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Eight Great Places for Burgers


Port of Call
838 Esplanade Ave., 523-0120
Many “burgerphiles” consider Port of Call to be the king of the beef patty in New Orleans. One thing is for sure, you won’t leave this joint hungry! The dimly lit, dungeonlike atmosphere, awesome throwback jukebox and a mind-altering Monsoon (a wicked rum and fruit juice concoction) complete this “only in New Orleans” experience. If this quintessential half-pound pure beef burger topped with a mountain of cheddar cheese and garlic-drenched marinated mushrooms and its sidekick, a gigantic fully loaded baked potato, can’t cure a morning hangover after a night on the town then nothing can!

Lakeview Harbor
911 Harrison Ave., 486-4887
Lakeview’s answer to Port of Call, this newly remodeled and less “divish” version offers an extensive menu of tasty sports-watching foods like potato skins, stuffed mushrooms, Harbor wings, mozzarella sticks, spinach-andartichoke dip, fried seafood plates and po’boys, pizza and more. But the burgers are the star here, with eight-ounce USDA choice beef cut and ground daily, then grilled to perfection and served with your choice of French fries, sweet potato fries or tater tots.

Phil’s Grill
3020 Severn Ave., 324-8080
Newcomers to Phil’s may have a hard time deciding between more than six kinds of burgers, six buns, 11 cheeses, 18 sauces and 21 toppings. This build-your-own-burger place takes the “have it your way” concept to the extreme! But if you navigate the five-step order form successfully, you will be rewarded with a mouthwatering, juicy specialty burger that’s well worth the effort. And, if a million options simply blow your mind, then opt for one of Phil’s signature burgers like the savory Lagniappe (Angus beef blended with about 20% hot sausage, served with pepper jack).

Tucker’s Tavern
869 Magazine St., 522-0440
Located in the Warehouse District, Tucker’s, aka “Home of the Stuffed Deep-Fried Burger,” is a typical sports bar with food … and lots of it. But it’s the over-the-top, not-for-the-faint-ofheart stuffed burgers that are causing a stir. Self-described as “almost world famous,” these gigantic halfpound burgers are stuffed with cheese, bacon, mushrooms and various other fillings, coated with egg wash and fish fry, then deep fried to create one ooey, gooey blissful bite o’ beef. Served with regular or sweet potato fries or onion rings, one of these mammoth monsters is sure to leave you stuffed!

Bud’s Broiler
Various Locations
While not colossal in size, Bud’s burgers are enormous in flavor. These distinctly flavored charbroiled burgers are the perfect choice to satisfy your burger craving without causing you to bust a zipper. There are currently 12 locations (including the first one on City Park Avenue) serving our area, all of which stand by one simple principle: “High-quality meat and glowing charcoal make the difference.” Enthusiasts and frequent visitors to this New Orleans original rarely deviate from their favorite “number,” and for some the special hickory sauce is a must.

4905 Canal St., 488-7357
Home of the 10-ounce Beach Burger, this local hangout serves classic bar food (onion rings, buffalo chicken strips, jalapeño poppers, quesadillas, potato skins), a succulent grilled tuna sandwich and big, tasty burgers. Grilled to pink perfection, burgers here are everything you could want: juicy, flavorful, moist on the inside and slightly charred on the outside. Options are limited, with only plain, cheddar, blue cheese or mushroom and Swiss options, but you won’t find a better burger for the money.

2027 Metairie Rd., 831-9540
This local hangout in Old Metairie attracts those in search of potent cocktails, familiar faces, a friendly game of darts and gargantuan burgers. A great place to indulge your late-night munchies, the jovial atmosphere and intriguing collection of 80-plus Marilyn Monroe photos are sure to keep you enthralled, but it’s the scrumptious burgers that will keep you coming back. Served with an equally well-endowed baked potato, the satisfying halfpounder, a game of pool and some classic tunes from Oscar’s jukebox equals one entertaining night out.

Liuzza’s by the Track
1518 N. Lopez St., 943-8667
While it’s quite a challenge to visit this neighborhood favorite near the Fairgrounds and not order their number one seller, the butter-laden outlandishly tasty barbecued shrimp po’boy, those who opt for a burger will hardly be disappointed. Thick and juicy, these fresh beef patties are reminiscent of they way “ya grandmaw” used to make them. Mixed into the freshly ground beef are diced onions and green peppers, which impart a nice savory flavor. Top it off with a slice of pepper jack cheese for a subtle dash of heat and you’ve got one winning burger!