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Superfood Bar


In an unobtrusive little space on Magazine Street, the Superfood Bar serves up snacks, smoothies, juices and salads packed with raw nutrition. Try a different take on some of your favorite dishes, like the Warm Mac and Cheese (made with cashew alfredo garlic sauce and house-made “nut cheese”) or an order of four Raw Tacos, with shells made from beet, carrot and flax meal.

The Superfood Bar doesn’t sacrifice taste in its quest to supply New Orleans with healthy food. Every conventional ingredient that might not be the best for our bodies is substituted with a natural alternative. Take, for example, the Green Avocado smoothie — instead of sugar, this creamy treat is sweetened with dates, not to mention mango, citrus and a generous topping of green granola. There’s also a whole section of the menu called “From the Coconut.”

The best part about the Superfood Bar is that eating there won’t empty your wallet. A 16-oz. Super Simple Smoothie — and there are four to choose from — is just $5.50, while those Raw Tacos we mentioned above are $9. On the restaurant’s website, owner Joseph Stone and chef Amie Havens write, “It is our mission to make healthy eating accessible to everyone. We support the city by making lasting relationships with local purveyors and sourcing only the best local, organic ingredients for our customers.”

Next time you feel called to eat Popeye’s for lunch, take a walk down the block to the Superfood Bar and treat your body to some feel-good food instead! superfoodbar.wix.com