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About The Show

Meet the medical experts taking care of you

Sit down with host  Maria Muro for 60 minutes to take charge of your health!

Every Tuesday on WLAE, DOCTORS NEW ORLEANS TV explores the lives and demanding practices of New Orleans physicians.

We educate patients across a range of health topics — empowering you with the information you need to make the best decisions about your health.

Get answers to your health questions

The show’s second half connects you directly with doctors and local health experts who answer your questions in a fast-paced call-in format.

Discover the questions you should be asking your doctor, and learn how to manage your medical care for a long, healthy life.

Now in our 8th season, DOCTORS NEW ORLEANS TV is proud to be New Orleans’ most informative public patient resource!

Educational and entertaining

Watch for our Fact vs. Fiction segments, where we debunk common health myths and set the record straight, and Health Trivia:short and sweet segments on staying healthy.

Find DOCTORS NEW ORLEANS TV everywhere you go — on air, online on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and on demand on YouTube.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana is proud to sponsor DOCTORS NEW ORLEANS TV.