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Style: January 2015


It’s New to You: Make 2015 your year to try something different!
ShopTalkJan2015The commencement of the New Year is the perfect time to undertake something new and different. A bold change can be beneficial for the mind, body and soul. Welcome variation; walk on the wild side; and embrace something uncommon. We encourage you to cross the line and step outside the box. Here, we’ve compiled a list of items that we would personally like to try in order to have a more graceful, stylish and whimsical 2015. This year can be about renewing your spirit, yet we trust you should have some amusement on the course to betterment.

Oh … and look good in the process.

New to Wear
Try a new trend. Be bold and daring, and sport a chic jumpsuit. Channel your inner Solange Knowles or Amal Alamuddin Clooney in their stunning white rompers — just be sure to find one that is both lifestyle and figure appropriate.

New to the Core
A triple threat of epic proportions, Life Yoga has teamed up with the fitness gurus at Nola Pilates and Xtend Barre New Orleans. Now you can bend, stretch and ohm to your core’s delight — all in one studio, located in Lakeview! These highly practiced instructors will have you longer, leaner, soul clearer and bum higher by Mardi Gras. 140 W. Harrison Ave., (504) 483-8880, lifenola.com, nolapilates.com

New to Knead
Loosen up and lighten up with the massage master, John Chetta, LMT. Chetta, specializing in neuromuscular and sports massage, consults with clients at Nola Pilates. He is the perfect therapist for very happy muscles and a happy mind. 140 W. Harrison Ave., (504) 483-8880, nolapilates.com

New to Eat
City Greens is now open in Elmwood. If you’re planning on rocking that jumpsuit, you may need to think about rocking some kale. Lettuce celebrate how your friends will be green with endive regarding your latest clean and healthy addiction. 5161 Citrus Blvd., Elmwood, (504) 229-4240, eatcitygreens.com

New to Sport
Of course you will want to wear something super sweet to Life Yoga and your lunch date at City Greens. Currie Swim + Sport on Metairie Road recently opened and has the poshest workout attire, lifestyle garb and swimsuits. Dive into some Lycra. 324 Metairie Road, Metairie, (504) 833-0251, facebook.com/currieswimandsport

New to Face
Pellevé this! A new painless skin treatment with no downtime is now available at Salon Senoj with skin consultant Amy Lavis. The procedure uses a radio-frequency wand, which heats up deep tissue, rebuilding collagen and elastin. “Pellevé provides a very subtle, natural result that continues to improve over time,” Lavis says. 101 Aris Ave., Metairie, (504) 835-5500, salonsenojdayspa.com

New to Old
Take a break from your vodka martini, and go to the dark side — of liquor, that is. The bourbon Old-Fashioned is new again — made all the more chic and divine with small-batch cocktail bitters and culinary extracts by Bittermens. These products are made in a New Orleans facility, featuring organic ingredients. After all, you’ll want a stiff drink after all the working out and shopping — at least, we think you should!

By ALG Style – Aimée Gowland and Corrie Pellerin