The Natural Weigh

Guilty or Not Guilty? So, you cheated on your healthy meal plan, and now you’re wondering if you should call it quits. The answer is NO! In fact, let’s stop calling it cheating, as the word “cheating” makes you automatically feel guilty.

Counting Calories at Frozen Yogurt Hot Spots

There have been several new frozen yogurt places popping up around town over the last year or so. Frozen yogurt is an appealing and refreshing treat, especially in the sweltering heat of the summer. Many wonder … are some healthier than others, lower in fat and calories? There are a few differences.

To Your Health!

We know good health when we see it. In the natural world, we recognize it in a thriving wetland or in the choicest ripe Creole tomato at the market (or—if we’re lucky—on the vine). In people, we recognize good health in those individuals who shine as examples of living one’s personal best:

Getting to know Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a growing problem among women and men because it can be so hard to detect, but New Orleans Living picked the brain of Dr. Alan Bushnell, from Ochsner Health Systems, for some answers to some common questions about this “silent disease.”