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Spring Forward

Air out and enliven your space — summer is coming.

Running Mann

Karl Lehmann aims to become an Ironman.

Beauty: May 2015

Solar Sanctuary: Get a sun-kissed glow without sacrificing your skin.

Dr. Ramon Rodriguez

  This orthopaedic surgeon sees his work as a joint collaboration with patients.

Disease Defense

Here’s what you need to know about adult immunizations.

Dr. Erin Mathews

This podiatrist helps keep New Orleans on its toes.

Dr. Joseph T. Crapanzano

This empathetic physician works to ease patients’ chronic pain.

Dr. Marcus Black

This hematology/oncology specialist connects with his patients and their families.

Pillow Talk

This local designer has stitched together a career in interior design.

Full Plates, Full Hearts

A West Bank restaurant teaches young people how to cook — and more.

On the Run

  Jennifer Neil coaches local runners and coordinates races.

Mind & Body: April 2015

Bright Ideas: Green Light New Orleans plugs into an environmentally friendly way of life.

Alcohol Awareness

Learn what alcohol abuse looks like, and find resources to help.

Festival Food

Enjoy the season without sacrificing good nutrition.

Driving Force

Taxi driver Delores Montgomery stands up for her industry.

Greek Revival

The Orpheum Theater triumphantly returns.

Stress-Free Tresses

Protect your hair from damage during festival season.

Arts: April 2015

The Hole Deal: Artist John Bukaty explores a medium you might recognize.

Forward Motion

Andrea Chen spurs social enterprise.

Inside Matters

Get the low-down on taking care of your colon.

Dr. Jay Rao

This experienced neurologist researches and treats movement disorders.

Dr. Sidd Padmanabha

This radiation oncologist uses advanced treatment technologies to fight cancer.

Dr. Milton W. Seiler, Jr.

This hematology/oncology specialist treats cancer patients and performs clinical research.

Open Doerr Policy

A top executive from one of NOLA’s oldest furniture companies talks shop, history and family.

Catering to the Community

Richard Buchsbaum serves New Orleans in more ways than one.

Fearless Focus

Photographer Marc Pagani gears up for adventure.

Mind & Body: March 2015

Morning Motivation: Replace your morning coffee with a different kind of blend.

Prize Your Peepers

Care for your eyes, and see well into the future.

Mega Omegas

Discover 10 top sources of essential omega-3 fatty acids.

Louisiana Lady

Betsy Stoner gives a Girl Scouts shout-out.

Face It: Your Spring Skin Reset

It’s time for a post-winter pick-me-up.

Arts: March 2015

Indie Inspiration: Serve your ears something fresh.

Dr. Claudie Sheahan

This experienced vascular surgeon uses leading-edge technology to treat patients.

DASH Diet Crash Course

Improve your heart health with simple, sensible, proven nutrition.

Dr. Ashish Udhrain

This local oncologist emphasizes the importance of holistic cancer treatment.

DIY Devotion

Handmade Valentine’s Day decor shows your loved one how much you care.

Arts: February 2015

Woodwind Beneath His Wings: This musician’s motto is “I came for sax.”

Field Day

Nichole Doyle stays on the ball as owner of the New Orleans Krewe.

Why Weight?

Working out with weights helped Emelina Edwards change her life.

Bernhard’s Balance

A local architect creates symmetry and stability in his work and life.

Smooth and Satisfying

Visit Oak Street’s smoothie and juice destination.

Give Your Heart a Hand

Incorporate these five heart-healthy foods into your diet.

Sky’s the Limit

This NOLA transplant shows kids that hoop dreams aren’t the only dreams.

Dr. Eugene Kukuy

This local cardiothoracic surgeon has a heart for post-op patient care.

Dr. Benjamin Springgate

Set your health goals and stick to them this year.

Dr. Tara L. Morse

A local OB-GYN specializes in hands-on treatment to help pregnant patients with aches and pains.

Top Ten Places to Get Fit in 2015

Grab a membership at a great gym or fitness studio.

Mind & Body: January 2015

Wheel Life: Like bikes? Join NOLA Social Ride.

Whole-Hearted Health

Sean Johnson lives the yoga lifestyle.

Natural Nutrition

Lawrence Dodds cooks healthy meals for New Orleans kids.

Build Better Bones

Calcium, exercise and other factors contribute to a healthy skeleton.

Culinary Calling

Complete nutrition is always on the menu for personal chef Gwen Huffman.

Bite-Size Improvements

Five little steps can put you on a path to better nutrition.

After the Game Ends

Former NFL athlete Boo Williams champions care for retired players.

Beauty: January 2015

Go On, Make Your Day: De-stress at Chronos Day Spa.

Arts: January 2015

Prospect.3: Notes for Now – This massive arts event is a marathon, not a sprint.

Dr. Betty Lo-Blais

An LSU physician finds a healthy work-life balance.

Reflux Redux

Get a handle on holiday eating with expert tips from a specialist physician at Touro.

Fresh Fête

Try new ideas on New Year’s Eve.

All in a Day’s Work

Local entrepreneur Rachel Sonn supports local business owners.

On the Spot

Solo socks meet their match, and autism awareness gains an ally.

Balanced Philosophy

Catherine Collins shares the benefits of a strong Pilates practice.

Mind & Body: December 2014

The Power of Plants: Sometimes, being bitter is a good thing.

Under Pressure

Take these steps to avoid developing hypertension.

Eventful Eating

Use these tips to navigate temptation through the holidays.

Fit and Flourishing

Chronos Body, Health & Wellness offers more than fitness.

Mexican Revolution

John Besh and Aarón Sánchez join forces.

Arts: December 2014

New Nerd-vana: Tubby & Coo’s Mid-City Book Shop flies its freak flag.

Natural Salesman

Chris Pham’s healthy body products go more than skin-deep.

True Tastemaker

Restaurateur Adolfo Garcia hits his stride.

Thanksgiving Table Tricks

Holiday budget a bit strained? Let’s talk turkey.

Look Good, Feel Better

Trainer Jean Kottemann is all about quality of life.

Mind & Body: November 2014

Tea Time! Big Easy ‘Bucha invites you to drink up.

The Power of Protein

Here’s what you need to know about the popular Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method.


Get ready for your close-up.

Arts: November 2014

Going Big: Four by Five, a large-format photography show, runs until Nov. 23 at the New Orleans Photo Alliance.

Facing Forward

Dr. William Sherman takes a new approach to hip replacement.

Going Nuclear

Radiation oncologist Dr. Paul Page came to his specialty in an unusual way.

Meet Mohs

Dermatologist Dr. Diane Trieu specializes in highly effective skin cancer surgery.

Eye on the Future

Ophthalmologist Dr. Jayne S. Weiss shares the importance of state-of-the-art treatment to improve vision.

Dealing with Diabetes

Find new ways to overcome the difficulties of this disease.

Toni Naquin: Trust in God

Life after cancer can be free of fear.

Stacy Neuburger: Radical Change

Armed with thorough research, and a strong support system, this cancer survivor found the courage to undergo a bilateral mastectomy.

Spice Up Your Space

Go beyond traditional autumn décor.

Michelle Verdin: Renewed Perspective

This intensive care nurse sees every day as a gift.

Working in the Workout

Nolan Ferraro sets his intention for better fitness.

On Point

Local acupuncturist Kathleen Keane demystifies an ancient Chinese practice.

Eden Gass: Drawing the Future

A New Orleans artist finds a new direction.

Clayton Majeste: One Step Further

This Winn-Dixie store director feeds the city in more ways than one.

Beauty: Haute Harvest

Give these foxy fall trends a try.

Alicia Thomas: Dedication and Determination

Alicia Thomas refused to let cancer disrupt her plans.

Arts: October 2014

Funny on the Fly: Learn improv and sketch comedy with some of the South’s sharpest wits.

Cancer Care Through the Ages

Older patients are in good hands with geriatric oncologist Dr. Thomas Reske.

Household Name

Internist and pediatrician Dr. Lindsay Ford makes medicine a family affair.

Snore No More!

Sleep deeply and breathe freely with the help of GNO Snoring & Sinus.

Breast Health Basics: Here’s what women need to know

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month — but, women should take steps to remain aware of their breast health year-round. Dr. Donna Waters, an obstetrician and gynecologist at Crescent City Physicians, shares her recommendations to help women perform breast self-checks and keep current with recommended screenings.

Teachable Moments

Fitness is a learning process.

Boost Your Boudoir

Steal these seven sneaky ways to super-size small bedrooms.

On a Roll

Thomas Cantley trumps testicular cancer with a creative approach. 

Giving Receiver

A New Orleans Saint passes his good fortune on to others.

From Scratch

Chef Gason Nelson cooks up a career in private dining.

Join the Movement!

LiveWell Louisiana celebrates its one-year anniversary.

Immunization FAQ

You have questions about immunizations. We have answers.

Beauty: Highway to Gel

Nail down the basics of shellac manicures!

Arts: September 2014

On the Laugh Track: A weekly comedy show stands the test of time.

Raise a Glass for Prostate Health!

A grassroots cancer-awareness campaign comes to Touro Infirmary.

Headed for Relief

Migraine surgery alleviates chronic migraine sufferers’ pain.

Warm Care for Cold & Flu Season

An experienced primary-care doctor shares how to stay healthy this fall.

One Body, One Mind: A new wellness center brings it all together.

As any New Orleans native could tell you, staying healthy in this city is an uphill battle. Our party-centric culture encourages late nights, liberal drinking and lots of high-calorie foods.

Considerate Care

This experienced hospitalist supports critically ill patients.

Helping Hands

This Crescent City Physicians internist helps patients overcome obesity.

Beauty: Color Theory

Luscious hair color is a basic human right.

Urban Upcycling

Magazine Street is home to eco-friendly design.

Performance, Participation and Preservation

Edward Anderson explores the new frontier of New Orleans music.

Mind & Body: August 2014

Enlist in a high-octane exercise experience.

Healthy Homework

Start the school year off well.

Shaping Things to Come

A versatile artist discovers a new medium.

Arts: August 2014

New Orleans Noir: A local author spins tales of the city’s gritty underside.

Man on Fire

This artist’s business is melting down.

Megacharge Your Metabolism

Fine-tune the way your body processes calories.

Revitalizing Cancer Care

East Jefferson General Hospital expands its outpatient cancer treatment capacity

Best Foot Forward

Orthopaedic care can help you get walking again.

Faux Real!

Paint designer Amy Rikhoff has mastered the art of illusion.

Management Material

Natalie Secco talks food, drink and finding the perfect match.

Mixing It Up

One of New Orleans’ favorite bartenders is making moves — and delicious drinks.

Thirst for Knowledge

Opening bottles has opened doors for John Mitchell.

Get Out!

Ron Wells’ outdoor workouts don’t require a gym.

Mind & Body: July 2014

Island Inspiration: Tropical ingredients give these problem-solving skincare products added flair.

Bon Voyage!

Planning ahead will help you stay healthy while on the go.

Safely Sun-Kissed

Accessorize your swimsuit with a golden glow.

Arts: July 2014

Keys to the City: Discover world-class music right here at home.

Smashing Summer Soirees

Unusual details will make your event unforgettable.

Belly Busters

Six simple tips will help you pack in that paunch.

Manly Maintenance

Sometimes a beard trim just doesn’t cut it.

Heartfelt Care

Simple lifestyle changes can decrease men’s risk of cardiovascular disease.

Technology on Target

A state-of-the-art prostate cancer diagnostic procedure is saving lives.

Heartburn Help

Learn about heartburn, and how to find relief from its pain.

Hope on the Horizon

Men suffering from depression may not recognize the signs, but this major mood disorder can be overcome.

Leilani Heno’s X-Factor

When it comes to personal training, this gym owner offers something special.

Mind & Body: June 2014

Run Happy: Exercise, and enjoy a refreshing reward.

Arts: June 2014

MELODY MATTERS: TYSSON proves that pop can be profound.

Frame by Frame

An optimistic entrepreneur sees the world through New Orleans-colored glasses. Stirling Barrett, founder of KREWE du optic, grew up in New Orleans and began his career in the art world early. “While I was in high school, I fell in love with art,” Barrett says. “It wasn’t my first introduction to the darkroom, but it […]


Wearing sunscreen is not only safe — it’s smart.

Get Fit, Mom!

With a little planning, busy moms can fit exercise and healthy nutrition into their daily lives.

Dr. Royce Dean Yount, M.D.

Dr. Royce Dean Yount grew up in New Orleans, attending St. Martin’s School and later earning his undergraduate degree in biology and psychology at Vanderbilt University.

Dr. Ahmet Bedestani, M.D.

Dr. Ahmet Bedestani was born in Ankara, Turkey, and he moved to the United States with his family when he was just a toddler.

Seeing Clearly

Dr. Maria Reinoso focuses on improving patients’ vision.

Art Nouveau

Two entrepreneurs are reshaping the New Orleans art experience.

Brisk Bites

Moms on the move will love these quick, healthy snacks.

Arts: May 2014

Painting Between the Lines: Local artist Luke Quinn is messing with you.

Mind & Body: May 2014

Wellness From the Inside Out: A New Orleans business helps clients overcome eating disorders.

Om Mama!

Local mom and wellness expert Jessica Blanchard shares how she stays healthy.

Hitting the Crossroads

Feel good about eating your next doughnut.


Makeup artist Betsy Boone shares secrets for flawless spring and summer makeup.

FORCE for Change

A leading resource for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer offers support, education and so much more.

Spaces & Design: Good Groundwork

Start with the rug when designing your space.

Secret Sauce

Meet the muse behind an iconic New Orleans recipe.  You’re probably familiar with Crawfish Monica. Arguably the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival’s most famous dish, its creamy, spicy flavor has heralded spring in New Orleans for decades.

Dr. Vinod Dasa, M.D.

Harnessing the Power of Cold: Dr. Vinod Dasa offers visionary technology to treat orthopaedics patients in pain.

Dr. Alex Hoang, M.D.

Dr. Alex Hoang grew up in Houma, La., where he excelled in school. But he couldn’t pick a favorite subject.

Colorful Calling

Terrance Osborne’s star is rising over Jazz Fest again this year. Artist Terrance Osborne painted 50 coconuts in preparation for his ride in this year’s Zulu parade. He knew the Mardi Gras Day parade crowd would be rowdy — but he wasn’t prepared for just how eager some parade-goers would be to get their hands on […]

Gifted and Grateful

A nonprofit founder empowers New Orleans youth. Growing up in Green Cove Springs, Fla., Kendal Francis’ supportive family kept him motivated. His father, a community leader, was a huge inspiration.

Eat Smart: Sneaky Salt

Here’s how to keep your sodium intake in check.

Built to Last

Fitness has been a lifelong focus for bodybuilder and trainer Kash Guidry.

LiveWell Mind & Body: April 2014

Welcome to the LiveWell Spotlight! Each month, we’ll showcase businesses, restaurants and people who are helping New Orleans live well.

Beauty: April 2014

Wax Works: Smooth things out with a visit to this petite waxing parlor.

Arts: April 2014

Learn to Draw: Classes at Forstall Art Supplies put the paintbrush and the power in your hands.

Dr. Robert Occhipinti

About Me: Dr. Robert Occhipinti was born and raised in New Orleans, and attended the University of New Orleans and LSU School of Medicine.

Giving Back

The gift of organ donation has changed a local lawyer’s life.

A Cut Above the Rest

Chopped champion chef Matt Murphy extends a warm Irish welcome.

Soulful Sound

Through music, Lena Prima finds her way back home.

Fitness: Back to Basics

Functional Movement Specialist Matt Lovitt takes a step-by-step approach to fitness.

LiveWell Mind and Body: March 2014

Welcome to the LiveWell Spotlight! Each month, we’ll showcase businesses, restaurants and people who are helping New Orleans live well.

Interiors: The Magic of Millwork

Add charm and personality to your home with custom-created pieces.

Arts: March 2014

Art Smart: Give handmade gifts, and support local crafters.

Health Check: Cheating Colon Cancer

Improve digestion and prolong colorectal health with these simple tips.

Shaolin-do Kung Fu

Balance mental and physical health by practicing this ancient martial art.

Superfood Bar

Fresh ingredients pack a juicy punch at this Uptown walk-in restaurant.

Akashi Reiki

Let reiki’s healing energy soothe and calm you.

HOME SCHOOL: Renovation 101

A local contractor nails down some renovation basics.

30 Americans

The CAC’s latest show surveys significant African-American artists of the last few decades.

“The Holy Mark,” by Gregory Alexander

A errant priest and a vivid portrait of the New Orleans underworld.

Jenna McSwain

A versatile young performer makes New Orleans home.

License to Wine

This beverage connoisseur has dedicated his life to drink.

From Parys, With Love

A healthy-eating specialist explains her devotion to good-for-you food.

Lights, Camera, Healthcare!

Dr. Corey Hebert brings health education to the masses.

America’s First City of Opera

New Orleans’ grandest musical tradition has thrived for two centuries.

Big Plans for a Small Space

Two Mississippi natives bring Latin cuisine to the Central Business District.

Makings of a Midwife

The role of a midwife extends far beyond delivering babies.

Dr. Fred Kushner

ABOUT ME Dr. Frederick Kushner knew he wanted to be a cardiologist at age 11, when he learned of the world’s first heart transplant (performed by South African surgeon Christiaan Barnard). “That sparked the fire in me,” he says.

Here’s to Heart Health!

Learn five ways to lose weight — and how to keep it off — for a healthier heart

Purpose-Driven Life

One local teacher finds inspiration through philanthropy.

Hope Is in the House

A New Orleans local stands up for child welfare.

Richard Simmons Gets Real

The charismatic fitness icon’s positivity motivates millions. Having grown up in the French Quarter, Richard Simmons is well aware of the willpower challenges presented by our city’s food and drink.

How to Choose Hardwood Floors for Your Home

Use these five expert tips to pick a beautiful, long-lasting hardwood floor.

Susan Hemelt, M.D.

Women’s Health: A local gynecologist opens the lines of communication with her patients.

All Dogs Go to Prison

A New Orleans transplant believes in second chances for dogs — and humans.

Arts January 2014

MUSIC SPOTLIGHT: Fancy Pants – A playful new pop group wants to dance with you.

Jonathan R. Cone, M.D.

Growing up in a suburb of Detroit, family medicine specialist Dr. Jonathan Cone didn’t have a lot of exposure to the practice of medicine

Compassionate Care

Nurturing and support have earned Patricia Brown her role as lead social worker at West Jefferson Medical Center.

Open Lines

Clear communication is key to coping with end-of-life issues.

Life Matters

A local oncology case manager combines a practical approach with genuine concern to help ease difficult end-of-life decisions. 

Gift of Care

A local hospice caregiver finds reward in caring for the elderly population.

LiveWell Success Story: Lisa Powers

The desire to set a good example inspires a physical education teacher to transform her life.

Sanctify Your Sleep: Proper rest does a body good.

There may be no better health and wellness advice than to get a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, for some people, this is easier said than done.

Get the Ledet Out

Personal trainer Elizabeth Ledet shares her tips on staying fit.

Bling Master

Custom-designed pieces are all in a day’s work for Aucoin Hart Jewelers.

Focal Point: St. Charles Vision is more than meets the eye.

When he got the call from St. Charles Vision, inviting him to move to New Orleans almost six years ago, Chicago-area native Matthew Rosenthal was very excited.

Natural Fit: Kenny Rabalais is in the business of growth

Ninety-eight thousand square feet is a lot of space. Luckily, Kenny Rabalais has a use for every inch.

Arts: December 2013

MUSIC SPOTLIGHT: Ciel Rouge A local rapper seeks to convey honesty in his music.

Philanthropy Profile: Chloe George

When young New Orleanian Chloe George was in high school at St. Martin’s Episcopal, her family took a trip to Africa. In Mombasa, Kenya, George and her sister Cassidy were moved by the community’s lack of educational resources. “I did some research and decided I wanted to build an elementary school,” said George. 

Besh’s Best: Octavio Mantilla

Octavio Mantilla has spent his life in restaurants.

Brains, Books and Biotech: Nicolas Bazan

Nicolas Bazan, Director of the Neuroscience Center of Excellence at the LSU Health Sciences Center, is interested in fundamentals — specifically, the brain’s basic mechanics of cell survival.

Quest for Equality: Maria Pabon Lopez

Born on an Air Force base in Okinawa, Japan, Maria Pabon Lopez grew up in Puerto Rico. She came to the continental U.S. at 18 to study religion at Princeton University, and taught junior high science in New Jersey for one year after graduating.

Meet + Greet: Gina Carbo-Perez

In the fall of 2011, Gina Carbo-Perez was going to Las Vegas. She and her husband, José, had booked the trip, planning to renew their vows. Everything was set.

Arts: October 2013

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: CHRIS ROBERTS-ANTIEAU Visual artist Chris Roberts-Antieau doesn’t shy from the macabre. Her latest piece, “Murder House,” was inspired by the 1959 Clutter murders in Kansas, detailed by Truman Capote in his novel “In Cold Blood.”

501 Esplanade

Creative Creole Townhouse Renovation “We have to go through the back,” apologized interior designer Jennifer Kelly, unlocking a side-alley door to the Esplanade Avenue townhouse she was about to show me.

Meet + Greet: Kim & Mike Sport

Good Sport: NOLA Native Stands Up For Breast Cancer Patients

Bonus Benefits: The Humana Guidance Center

On a sunny Tuesday morning, the sunny interior of the Metairie Humana Guidance Center quickly filled with senior citizens chatting and helping themselves to coffee. Jeff Fernandez, president of Humana operations in the Gulf South, explained that they had arrived early for the center’s weekly cooking class, “Healthy Cooking with Chef Nino.”


Gayle Benson on Sports, Health and Community Involvement What’s a typical day like in the life of Gayle Benson, wife of Saints owner and businessman Tom Benson? Perched on a couch in her spacious foyer, Benson laughed.

Meet + Greet: Emory Maginnis

Energy, Entertainment and Enterprise

Arts: September 2013

GALLERY SPOTLIGHT: BYRDIE’S An unassuming St. Claude façade flanked by benches fronts Byrdie’s, a Bywater café, clay studio and gallery. Walk into the front-room display space and you’ll see this month’s art show — anything from ceramic pieces by studio members to works by local or visiting artists.

Arts: August 2013

Tucker Fitz-Hugh, Jr. has a lot of pigs. “I painted a pig once,” he laughed

DDD Award Winners

Downtown New Orleans is more than the city’s geographic center:

Arts: July 2013

Gallery Spotlight: “Shadow and Light” at NOMA

Arts: June 2013

GALLERY SPOTLIGHT – Expose Gallery at the Contemporary Arts Center

Chelsea’s Story

Chelsea Ann Umbach grew up in the water.