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LiveWell Mind and Body: March 2014


Welcome to the LiveWell Spotlight! Each month, we’ll showcase businesses, restaurants and people who are helping New Orleans live well.Going GreenGet involved with this community organization that’s dedicated to sustainable change.

LifeCity, a consulting firm headquartered in New Orleans, is devoted to tackling the “fourth sector” of the economy — namely, businesses that address environmental and social problems. Along with working hand-in-hand with businesses to reduce negative environmental impact and to foster progress in social issues like equality, health, transportation and education, LifeCity hosts the Green Games, a competition designed to spur companies to go green.

The organization approaches its goal from both the consumer and commercial sides. While offering companies the opportunity to become certified as “Green Businesses” through a five-stage process, LifeCity also sells “Green Cards” to customers. For just $20 per year, Green Card holders enjoy discounts at nearly 100 local restaurants, shops and service providers. And LifeCity’s impact will continue to grow: This January, the organization was awarded more than $80,000 to develop its fourth sector goals — and it continues to add to its list of participating businesses.

The organization also does a lot of self-examination, measuring the results of its efforts and refining its processes through quarterly forums and alliances with other local sustainability supporters. Though it’s doing a lot of good here, LifeCity’s “Impact Economy” model isn’t just applicable to New Orleans. Here’s hoping that we see more LifeCities established across the United States in the coming years. mylifecity.com

mindandbodylivewellFine and Fit: A high-intensity gym focuses on functional movement.

CrossFit fanatics are intense about their chosen form of exercise. Looking at CrossFit aficionados, it’s not hard to tell why. After a few months of steadily following this popular exercise movement’s Workout of the Day, most participants show off toned physiques and a “harder, better, faster, stronger” mentality.

The CrossFit ideology is based on the idea that exercise should be based on the same movements we use in daily life: squatting, lifting, pushing and pulling. Your first class at the CrossFit NOLA “box” (gym) will include basic instruction on the nine foundational movements of CrossFit, followed by a powerful, guided workout geared to improve stamina, power, flexibility, speed, coordination and agility.

The CrossFit Workout of the Day can be scaled down or up according to your ability. Either way, you’ll feel it — intensely.

Though CrossFit is more expensive than many traditional gyms, the personal instruction and guaranteed results may make the added expense worth it. CrossFit NOLA also offers discounts to students, members of the military, law enforcement officers, fire fighters, musicians and medical residents.
CrossFit NOLA operates three locations in the New Orleans area: uptown on Burthe Street, in Mid-City on North Cortez Street and downtown on Magazine Street. Saturday morning intro classes are free for local first-timers. crossfitnola.com

The Nutrition Company: This one-stop healthy restaurant and dietary resource in Mandeville is worth the trip.

The brainchild of Dr. Catherine Wilbert, The Nutrition Company is a restaurant, grocery store and nutrition resource all in one — and it’s located just across Lake Pontchartrain in Mandeville. If you’re headed that way, stop by for a specialty sandwich, wrap or salad, like the “Fleur de C” salad with marinated, grilled free-range chicken; cranberries; and feta cheese.

Vegetarians, rejoice: The Nutrition Company offers plenty of vegan and vegetarian fare, including vegan meatballs and vegetarian chili in numerous flavors, from fire-roasted tomato to sweet potato and quinoa varieties. There are lots of pre-made grab-and-go meals, like the popular Waldorf tuna salad; organic kale slaw salad; and organic, roasted rotisserie chickens. Additionally, the restaurant educates patrons on the ins and outs of eating healthy, including offering helpful tips on buying organic and how to make smart grocery purchases.

That’s not to mention The Nutrition Company’s juice options, supplied by Dr. Wilbert’s other company, the on-site Vitality Juice, Java and Smoothie Bar.

Dr. Wilbert is a naturopathic physician, nutrition consultant and recognized wellness expert who wrote “Mending Your Metabolism,” a guide to leaving yo-yo diets behind. She’s also a former bodybuilder, so she has firsthand experience with nutrition for strengthening the body! 4350 Hwy. 22, Suite H, thenutritioncompany.com