Akashi Reiki


Reiki, an energy-healing technique developed by a Buddhist monk in the 1920s, is based on the idea that universal energy (“reiki”) can be passed from one body to another through touch. This energy will restore balance and clarity to the one being touched.

As practiced today, reiki has two branches: traditional Japanese reiki, which relies more on the practitioner’s intuition for where to touch, and Western reiki, which calls for set hand patterns or placement.

David Redbord, MPH, is the founder of Akashic Reiki inside the St. Claude Healing Center in the Bywater. Redbord, a Reiki Master, explains, “Reiki can be used to relax, to restore energy flow, to help alleviate physical pain and to faciliate healing for physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues.” Clients leave a session feeling lighter, clearer and more at peace with themselves.

Since he has begun practicing reiki, healing others and receiving energy healing himself, Redbord has reaped significant personal benefits. “When I receive energy healing, the energy often acts behind the scenes to create positive change in my life,” he says. “On both a short-term and long-term basis, the energy has moved me from anxiety and anger to contentedness and peace.”

For those who remain skeptical of energy’s healing powers, Redbord offers a 15-minute demonstration session free of charge. akashicreiki.com