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Emily Hines: Speaking for Cancer’s Youngest Victims

Finding your passion is a funny thing. Some people are born with it. Others find it later in life. Some struggle to find it at all. And then there are those whose passion is created out of struggle and adversity.

Simple Mission

Michael Holmes opens clear communication channels for radiology patients.

William Terry: Soap Sense

As quite possibly the only Grammy Award-winning soap maker in the world, William Terry is clearly in a class of his own.

Meagan Miller: Faith and Fitness

As a brown belt in the mixed martial arts, Meagan Miller would have loved to proceed to black belt.

Brain Drain

Fight dementia with new brain-boosting tools.

A Plan to Grow UNO

As the president of the University of New Orleans, John Nicklow, PhD, champions the university for students and the city alike. 

Making Connections; Sally Guidry, M.S., LBA, BCBA

At a time when dyslexia wasn’t widely understood, Sally Guidry’s sister struggled tremendously with school. Guidry accompanied her family to countless tutoring and behavioral psychology appointments and found herself intrigued by the process.

Nicoya Hogan: A Wing Thing

Nicoya Hogan and her husband have something of a wing habit.

Saving Lives: Sunyoung Kim, PhD

Scientist, professor, inventor, business owner, mother, world traveler, hero. Which name tag will Sunyoung Kim, PhD, wear today? Recently, the answer has been all of them.

Pass the Bacon, Please

Fats have taken on new importance as a superfood.

Germ Warfare

A local businessman promotes a new system to combat viruses and bacteria.

Light up the Night

Try these simple tricks to show off your patriotism this Fourth of July.

Rebecca Wilcomb

Patron Saint of Herbsaint

Fight the Bite

Protect yourself from summertime mosquitoes.

Leaving a Legacy

Collaboration is the key to success.

Man Makeup

Products for men are booming.

Fear Not

Oral immunotherapy can change your life when it comes to life-threatening food allergies.

Leading-Edge Healthcare

Physician leadership is the secret to the LSU Healthcare Network’s success.

Beauty Quiz

Are you using your confidence to radiate beauty?

Travis Hale Stewart

Stories in Silver and Stone

Isabel Borges

Dreams of Becoming a Prima Ballerina

Fallon Young

Cinematic New Heights

Burning Questions

Here’s how to keep heartburn and GERD at bay.

Youth Empowerment on the Run

As executive director of Youth Run NOLA, Denali Lander helps students improve their fitness and their self-esteem.

Anti-Aging 101

Here are six actions you might be taking that are making you look old.

Sterling Constant: A Familiar Face

If you’re at Antoine’s Restaurant in the French Quarter (and by the way, you need to go soon), ask to be seated at a table in waiter Sterling Constant’s section.

Christina Walsh: Hands-on Healthcare

It’s not a family reunion unless someone goes home injured.

Brik Allen: Sew Hot

As an 11th grader stacking American Eagle ripped jeans and utility shirts, Brik Allen had a vision.

Upright Living

Proper posture can decrease aches, pains and more.

Inspired Education

Some heroes are unsung, making their stories all the more worth telling.

Beauty: To the Rescue

Beauty apps now help answer beauty questions in ways our mothers would have never imagined.

Sir Devin Nooner

Throwback to the ’80s

The Dangers of Eating Disorders

Learn how to help your loved ones who may suffer from any number of eating disorders.

Putting the Fun in Fundraising

Chad Landry, founder of New Orleans Lympho-Maniacs Cancer Fund, hosts the city’s biggest dance party to benefit local patients. 

Paint the Town Purple (and Green and Gold)

Only in NOLA does purple, green and gold make the perfect color-match.

Robbie Ludlow

From Very Ill to Feeling Great

Craig Clark

From ‘Dough Boy’ to Oh Boy!

Alicia Kelley

From Old Diets to New Lifestyle

Start Simple

Solutions for lower back pain can include surgery and drug-free options.

Continual Preparation

CPA partners at Kushner LaGraize plan for post-election tax opportunities.

Beauty in the New Year

Discover some of the hottest new beauty gear for 2017.

Lorelei Ashe

From High Wire to Homeless Help

People First

Local IberiaBank president puts employees and communities ahead of profit.

Beauty 911

Try this DIY post-holiday kitchen face mask for a glowing complexion.

24-Hour Angel

Teri Hrabovsky responds to the needs of foster children day or night.

In the Balance

Justin Reese takes efficiency to a new level by balancing three careers in law, sports management and politics.

Bladder Care

Don’t ignore the urges.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Michael Tipton, president of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation, advocates for our state’s children.

Glamour Glossary

Here’s an introduction to the trendiest terms in beauty today.

Aggressive Fight, Compassionate Care

AKD Law takes on the tough cases for injury victims across the region. 

Dr. Brian Turner

Healing Children Through Art

Have It Your Way

A local author shares steps for taking control of end-of-life decisions.

Leading-Edge Concepts

Ken Flower, president of Woodward Design+Build, shares the secrets of success.

Dyed ’Dos

Hair color explosion hits the city.

Reagan Sidney: The Grass is Greener

One morning, eight years ago, Reagan Sidney woke up and decided it was the perfect day to completely change her life.

A Family Cancer Fight

The Jenneman family has joined forces to fight cancer.

A Stealthy Disease

Ovarian cancer education is the first step in detecting this deadly disease.

One Hot Commodity

Planet Beach CEO, Stephen Smith, invents a way to work out and recover — at the same time.

The Habit that Bites

Stop nail biting with a few simple tips. 

Michael Naquin: Excitement on Tap

Michael Naquin, founder and brewmaster at 40 Arpent Brewing Co., wouldn’t be surprised if he were the only hairdresser on the planet who switched careers to become a beer brewer.

Ben Kleban: Paving the Road to Success

Ben Kleban refuses to accept the premise that New Orleans public schools are struggling.

Staying Ahead of Sickness

National Immunization Awareness Month spotlights the importance of vaccines.

Cost Innovation in Coordinated Care

Dr. Steven Udvarhelyi is advocating change as the new CEO of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana.

Eliminating Adult Acne

Follow these tips to keep your skin free and clear of pimples.

Kristen Schenck: A Picture in Paint

The easel was covered in dust. For almost a decade, Kristen Catalano Schenck’s professional painter’s easel — a gift from her parents — sat stashed in the closet of her childhood bedroom, while she pursued other avenues in retail and as a professional trainer after graduation at the University of New Orleans.

Certify Your Sunscreen Smarts

In summer’s blazing rays, sunscreen is a must.

Jenn Lormand: Getting to the Core

Beyond the spit-up, past the exhaustion, beneath the stretch marks and over the weight gain, there’s a quieter side to being a new mother that no one wants to talk about: pelvic floor dysfunction.

Hands-on Interaction

Sterling Surgical Hospital Administrator Chris Daniel is eyeing the future of healthcare.

Spray Tan Fan

Get the look of summer without the dangers of the sun.

A New Way

An Interventional Pain Specialist is excited about a needle-free, no-pills option to end migraine pain.

Tom Neyhart: Sunshine and Positive Energy

The owner of a solar power company might typically embrace the technology out of passion for clean energy. But at PosiGen, Tom Neyhart is much more in the business of helping people.

Walking Proof: Brittany Grunberg

After a week in a coma, college freshman Brittany Grunberg woke up to find that bacterial meningitis had barely spared her life but that it had taken both of her legs below her knees. She wasn’t angry, but she was frustrated.

More Than Skin Deep

Hair is only half of it for local stylist icon Beverly Daigle.

Big Shoes to Fill

Wes Palmisano takes the torch at Palmisano Contractors from his father Warren.

Mother’s Day Massage

This is the one gift that any mom will be grateful to receive. 

Love the Skin You’re In

Skin cancer is on the rise; here’s how to prevent it.

New Heights in Healthcare

Paradigm Health System’s president shares his secrets to success.