Spray Tan Fan


Get the look of summer without the dangers of the sun.


SprayTanJuly2016Porcelain skin is in again, but summer in New Orleans inevitably makes a gal itchy to show a little glow. Thanks at least in part to skin cancer awareness, sun tans and tanning beds have moved firmly to the fashion don’t list, propelling the spray tan to the head of the class for the best shortcut toward toasty bronze skin.

Spray tans are temporary, so, if you don’t love it, don’t worry. And if you do, there are several industry secrets for prolonging that sun-kissed look:

-Shave and exfoliate about eight hours before your appointment for best coverage. Skip lotion and deodorant after your shower.
-Hydrate your skin by drinking plenty of water and using a basic moisturizer in the days before and after your appointment. Some experts recommend coconut oil or baby oil spray.
-Go easy on the hot showers and harsh soaps.
-Gently exfoliate areas where the tan begins to fade to smooth streaking.
-Use self-tanner on the face and hands, which fade much faster from repeated washing.
-If you really want to make a spray tan last, avoid sweating, sunscreen and chlorine. But why spray tan if you aren’t going to be outside showing a little skin?

Check with your esthetician for tips and products to extend your spray tan’s shelf life. New Orleans has dozens of studios and even mobile spray tan companies that bring the tan to you.

Locations include these top-three, local Yelp-rated providers:
Envy Mobile Tans, (504) 914-3935
Salon D NOLA Beauty & Grooming Parlour, 317 Burgundy St., (504) 581-3490
NOLA Tan, 2408 Magazine St., (504) 621-6111