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Eliminating Adult Acne


Follow these tips to keep your skin free and clear of pimples.


BeautyAug2016Here’s a question many 20-somethings ask themselves: I’m not a teenager anymore, so what’s with the zits?

Reality check (and big bummer): Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean clogged pores magically dry up and disappear.

Many of the causes of teen acne — oil, skin cells, bacteria and hormones — remain an issue for adult skin too. So if you find your face or back staging a Throwback Thursday pimple plot, try these tips:


Cut back on high glycemic foods like pasta, bread and rice. Packaged foods of any type are notoriously high in insulin boosters that can wreak havoc with your androgens (like oil-producing testosterone). Dermatologists also recommend eliminating hormone-heavy foods like dairy and soy items.

Retinol is a topical wonder drug that can fight acne and wrinkles, all in one swipe. It is available as prescription strength as well as in many over-the-counter gels and creams. Topical dapsone (prescription only) is a more potent option.
For women, ask your doctor about oral contraceptives to regulate the hormones that surge — and leave pimples in their wake. Spironolactone, a hypertension drug, blocks the hormone receptors in oil glands. Use it only under a physician’s care as it is known to cause birth defects.

An over-the-counter exfoliation scrub goes a long way in removing pore-clogging dead skin cells.
For a serious skin revolt, see your dermatologist about microdermabrasion and other treatments that can de-clog and kill bacteria on your skin.

And Chill!
Stress is a skin-wrecker. When you’re under pressure, your body floods with cortisol, increasing skin oiliness and inflammation. Don’t touch your face, and don’t pick! Like that’s going to be avoidable … so keep the things you touch your face with clean, such as your hands, your cell phone and your pillowcase.