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Family Fitness

Discover community-driven martial arts at New Orleans Shotokan Academy.

Mind + Body: April 2019

On Your Mark: The Allstate Sugar Bowl Crescent City Classic returns to New Orleans this month.

Arts: April 2019

Eye on Art: New exhibitions are currently on view at the New Orleans Museum of Art.

Mind + Body: March 2019

Brain Matter: Learn the ins and outs of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology at a new conference being held this month.

Arts: March 2019

Cinema Soiree: Celebrate the New Orleans Film Society’s 30th Anniversary this month.

Tod Smith

Connecting with Community

Baby Steps to Success

Discover a fit, healthy way of life with Dr. Iina Ester.

Benjamin Swig

Connecting Community Resources

Fitness for Life

Jumpstart a lifetime of fitness with local bootcamp classes.

Mind + Body: February 2019

Love Your Heart: Take control of your heart health.

Arts: February 2019

Stories of Survival: A new exhibition at Newcomb Art Museum addresses the issue and impact of women in mass incarceration.

In the Ring

Mixed martial arts hold the key to fitness for Shawn Gayton.

Mind + Body: January 2019

Treating Adolescent Substance Abuse: Longbranch Wellness offers the first and only outpatient program for adolescents in the Crescent City.

Arts: January 2019

Art-Minded: The NOLA 300 for 300 exhibition is now on view at The Old No. 77 Hotel & Chandlery.

Way of the Sensei

Master karate instructor Burton Maben aims to improve fitness and the overall lives of those in the community.

Mind + Body: December 2018

Exercising Better Hearing: Brain training exercises can reduce symptoms of tinnitus.

Arts: December 2018

A Sight to Behold: A new sculpture by world-renowned artist Dale Chihuly has been installed at the New Orleans Botanical Garden.

Mind + Body: November 2018

Engaged in Learning: International High School of New Orleans is the first school in the city to use new cell phone pouches to lessen distractions in the classroom.

Arts: November 2018

The Way of the Zen Master: New Japanese paintings and calligraphy are now on view at the New Orleans Museum of Art.

Fitness for Life

A local fitness instructor finds joy in helping people change their lives for the better.

Mind + Body: October 2018

Digging in the Dirt: Gardening is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, especially in cooler months.

Arts: October 2018

Art as Social Practice: A Studio in the Woods announces its 2018-19 artists in residence.

Kyle M. France

A Lifetime of Education

Emery Whalen

At the Heart of Hospitality

The Mind-Body Connection

Kendall Carriere has found a rewarding career as a fitness instructor and owner of Barre3.

Mind + Body: September 2018

Glamping on Paloma Lake: Rejuvenate mind and body at Stella Plantation.

Arts: September 2018

The World of Dance: The New Orleans Ballet Association announces its 2018-2019 dance season.

Michael Tipton

Improving Health in Louisiana

For the Love of Yoga

Local yoga instructor Matt Lovitt shares his appreciation for the age-old practice.

Reagan Charleston

Fashionista Extraordinaire

Fight Club

A local boxing trainer shares his love of the sport.

Mind + Body: August 2018

No Butts About It: A new campaign by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration aids in smoking cessation.

Arts: August 2018

On View in the Vieuz Carré: A new collaboration elevates the profiles of several French Quarter museums.

Arts: July 2018

A Rare Glimpse: An exhibition at the New Orleans Museum of Art features two Renaissance masterpieces by the celebrated artist Paolo Veronese. 

Dr. Lana Joseph

Founding a Community Clinic

Fitness for Life

A local fitness trainer gets his clients to the point where they can train themselves.

Mind + Body: July 2018

Juicing for Health: Marques Colston signs with a local juice company.

Susannah Burley

The Reforestation Advocate

In the Air

Find strength, flexibility and fun with aerial fitness.

Mind + Body: June 2018

Marcella D’Antonio uses Pranayama breathing and Reiki for a mind-body-soul approach to holistic health and wellness.

Arts: June 2018

From Past to Future: New Orleans Museum of Art showcases a special exhibition that focuses on forgotten or marginalized histories of the city. 

Mind + Body: May 2018

Dresses for Success: Believe in Yourself donates brand new dresses for girls to wear to their upcoming school dances.

Arts: May 2018

Dance Party: Big Sam’s Funky Nation releases a new album, Songs in the Key of Funk, tying into Jazz Fest.

Lu Brow

Bartender Extraordinaire

Commit to the Process

A local fitness trainer says commitment to your goals is the key to success.

Jim Huger

Charting a Course for Tall Ships

Chris Reams

Sailing the Seas of Business

The Calm Warrior

Martial arts leads to a life filled with fitness, strength and peace of mind.

Mind + Body: April 2018

On Your Mat, Get Set, Flow!  The world’s only mindful triathlon returns to New Orleans this month.

Arts: April 2018

Breaking Through: A new exhibition at the New Orleans Museum of Art features the work of Puerto Rican artist Carlos Rolón.

Mind + Body: March 2018

Building Beautiful Communities: A recent service project benefitted local communities in the New Orleans area.

Arts: March 2018

Figurative Forms: A new exhibition at Martin Lawrence Galleries spotlights the works of renowned painter François Fressinier.

Whole Body Wellness

Meghan Hays develops an individual health and wellness plan for each of her clients.

Mark Romig

Sharing the Love of New Orleans

Mind + Body: February 2018

To Your Health! – Humana makes it easy to live healthier in the New Year.

Strength and Endurance

A local fitness coach helps clients reach their goals through motivation, determination and encouragement.

Arts: February 2018

A Walk in the Park: The New Orleans Museum of Art is expanding the Sydney and Walda Beshoff Sculpture Garden by six acres.

Mind + Body: January 2018

New Year, New You: Belladonna Day Spa boasts an incredible remodel on Magazine Street.


A local personal trainer focuses on a results-driven process for the ultimate in fitness success.

Arts: January 2018

Street Art Smarts: A rare Banksy graffiti mural was recently unveiled during Prospect.4.

Mind Over Matter

A dedicated fitness and nutrition program can make all the difference.

Mind + Body: December 2017

Running for Cheer: Join in for the annual Running of the Santas to enjoy the holiday season — all while getting in some much-needed exercise.

Arts: December 2017

Spotlight on Film: A recent film screening of Roman J. Israel, Esq. during the New Orleans Film Festival garnered rave reviews.

Mind + Body: November 2017

Sports Education: Teachers recently hit the football field to advance STEM teaching by experiencing the finer points of the game through science and math.

Finish the Fight

Training for self defense has the added benefit of improved fitness levels.

Arts: November 2017

Art Aficionados: Prospect.4, the international contemporary art exhibition that takes place across New Orleans only once every three years, returns this month.

Mind + Body: October 2017

Body Movement: A local mind-body training class goes directly to the root cause of most chronic muscular pain.

Arts: October 2017

Art for Hurricane Relief: George Rodrigue’s famous blue dog is available in a special re-release to raise funds for Texans impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

The Mind-Body Connection

Mia Oramous, owner at Transform NOLA, seeks to share the gift of yoga with New Orleans.

Arts: September 2017

Dream State: Anne Faith Nicholls’ first exhibition in New Orleans debuts at Martin Lawrence Gallery.  

Mind + Body: September 2017

Fitness Frenzy: A new website and app launches in NOLA providing an all-in-one fitness membership to the best boutique gyms in the city.

Overcoming Obstacles

For this local personal trainer, dedication is the key to fitness success.

The Dish on Diabetes

New Orleans local Felice Mitchell Guimont educates those who are battling diabetes on a new television show, Reversed.

Mind + Body: August 2017

Eating for Health: Ochsner’s Eat Fit NOLA Dine Out fundraising event is a community-wide wellness initiative.

Arts: August 2017

Contemporary Art in New Orleans: A new exhibition at NOMA explores the rise of modern and contemporary art in New Orleans.

For the Love of Fitness

A local personal trainer finds joy in helping others succeed.

Mind + Body: July 2017

Medication Safety: Advice for new parents helps keep babies safe.

Arts: July 2017

All About Antiques: The Historic New Orleans Collection hosts its tenth annual New Orleans Antiques Forum next month.

Mind + Body: June 2017

Collaboration for Better Lives: A new public-private partnership leads to innovative solutions to disaster recovery and resilience issues across the state.

Choosing Health

A local Certified Health Coach shares the gift of wellness.

Arts: June 2017

Movin’ to the Groovin’: Join music lovers at City Park during the Thursdays at Twilight concert series.

Mind + Body: May 2017

Outdoor Activities: The first FitLot Outdoor Fitness Park debuts in New Orleans.

Arts: May 2017

Artistic Influence:  New Orleans Museum of Art debuts acquisitions purchased in the “Queen of Creole Cuisine” Leah Chase’s honor.   

Yoga as Therapy

A local ashtanga yoga teacher believes deeply in the practice for overall health and wellbeing.

Mind + Body: April 2017

Focus on Children: A new study may help educators uncover new ways to teach children with learning disabilities.

Eating for Health

Local nutrition expert Molly Kimball shares her wisdom.

Shift in Perspective

A new book fosters conversation about gun violence in America.

Mind + Body: March 2017

Say Om! – Wanderlust announces the world’s first and only “mindful triathlon,” which includes a stop in New Orleans.

Arts: March 2017

True Crime: A new book chronicles a grisly crime spree that terrorized New Orleans in the early 1900s.

Finding Purpose

A local personal trainer finds motivation in helping others.

Mind + Body: February 2017

Caring for Your Heart: The new St. Thomas Heart & Vascular Center brings personalized cardiovascular care to New Orleans.

Dream Bodies

A local personal trainer turns goals into reality. 

Arts: February 2017

On Sunken Ground: Guthrie Contemporary presents a new exhibition of artwork by Jennifer Shaw.

Mind + Body: January 2017

Making Strides: A local fundraising event benefits children and adults with intellectual disabilities in Louisiana.

For the Love of Health

A local personal trainer combines passion with fitness.

Arts: January 2017

In Still Motion: A new sculpture stands tall in New Orleans City Park.

Spin for Success

A local cycling instructor encourages students to reach for inner strength, while having fun in the meantime.

Get Through the Winter Blues

There’s a connection between vitamin D and depression.

Mind + Body: December 2016

A Fight to End Bullying: Follow these tips to help your children avoid being bullied.

Arts: December 2016

Monumental Art: A new exhibition lends a certain “je ne sais pas” to the New Orleans art world.

Mind + Body: November 2016

Spinning for Heart Health: A recent fundraising event drew a bevy of cyclists to the New Orleans Jazz Market.

Arts: November 2016

Get in Line: A rare second line exhibition premieres in New Orleans.

All in a Day’s Work

Ivan Blazquez puts the “personal” in personal training by giving his undivided attention to clients.

Mind + Body: October 2016

Hear, Hear: A scientifically validated test allows you to detect the severity of hearing loss without leaving home.

On the Road

The path to health and wellness begins with finding happiness through fitness.

Arts: October 2016

Here’s What’s Cookin’: The Southern Food and Beverage Museum offers a weekly cooking series and lunch demonstrations.

Mind + Body: September 2016

Out and About: A recently launched company connects locals with travelers to experience NOLA in a whole new way. 

Find Your High

Mark Berger, co-owner of higherpower Cycle|Yoga|TRX, helps you get your sweat on!

Mind + Body: August 2013

Get Your Sweat On: TheSweat Social invites tourists and locals alike to get their bodies movin’.


A local personal trainer focuses on individualized attention and reaching short-term goals for ultimate success.

Mind + Body: July 2016

Yoga for Life – A new yoga tour stops in New Orleans to explore how yoga has affected the people in our community.

Fitness at Any Age

Kelly Personal Training tailors workouts to fit your specific needs.

Mind + Body: June 2016

Dog Bite Prevention: They may be man’s best friend, but any dog can bite under stressful situations.

The Science of Staying Fit

Exercise Science, LLC, combines personal training with exercise physiology to strengthen the entire body.

Life-Changing Results

  These two fitness gurus will have you in tip-top shape in no time.

Mind + Body: May 2016

Cosmetic Deli: Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics opens two new boutiques in NOLA.

Mind + Body: April 2016

Hitting the Pavement: Southern Runner finds new owners and a new home on Oak Street.

Body Movin’

A local personal trainer turned to TRX to lose baby weight, and she has never looked back.

Mind + Body: March 2016

Raising the Barre: A new fitness studio in Lakeview focuses on building strength from the inside out.

Strength in Movement

  A local Pilates instructor finds joy in safely guiding her clients beyond what they initially believe is possible.

Mind + Body: February 2016

Girl Power: A new book sheds light on how parents can raise healthy daughters.

Retrain Your Brain

A new book highlights the transformational weight-loss journey of two friends who lost over 100 pounds each, while finding their purpose along the way.

Mind + Body: January 2016

Spotlight on Arthritis : The Arthritis Foundation seeks to raise awareness about the debilitating disease. 

Hands-On Healing

A local Reiki practitioner uses an ancient Japanese healing art to foster wellness.

Mind + Body: December 2015

Get Your Groove On: Tuition-free dance and fitness classes are available for teens, adults and seniors throughout the New Orleans area. 

At the Core

A local fitness guru and clothing designer’s personal vision leads to success. 

Arts: December 2015

Snap to It: The PhotoNOLA festival will include dozens of photography exhibitions.

Top-Notch Noshing

Keep your health and wellness goals on track this holiday season with the help of a local nutritionist.

Mind + Body: November 2015

Love Your Heart: Manage your cholesterol levels for optimal heart health.

Gearing Up for Greatness

Local fitness legend Mackie Shilstone sticks to a strict routine.

Mind + Body: September 2015

In Good Hands: This neighborhood physical therapy clinic aims to treat pain and restore health.

How do I differentiate influenza, or “the flu,” from a regular cold?

The cold and influenza viruses may share the following symptoms: runny or stuffy nose, sore throat, sneezing, fever, cough, headache or body aches, and fatigue.

Toned and Trim

A total body makeover has Lindsey Piattoly singing a new song.

Mind + Body: August 2015

Get Outside: Being in nature can help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Fine & Fit

Local Pilates and spin instructor Erin Romney offers tips for better fitness.

Fine Feasting

New Orleans kicks off the second season of the Emmy-nominated television series, Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking.

Vernon J. Carriere, Jr., M.D.

Reassuring Remedy: Caring for digestive conditions is all in a day’s work for a local gastroenterologist.