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Health Check: Surviving Seasonal Allergies


Follow these steps to get even with allergies.

HealthcheckallergiesThe fall season in New Orleans offers so many wonderful things, like football, tailgating, raw oysters, cooler temperatures … and allergies. By following a few simple steps, even the worst allergy sufferers can keep symptoms in check!

1. Shake it Off
When you return home at the end of the day, take off your shoes and ideally, change your clothes. And if you’ve been walking the dog, wipe down its fur before bringing your pet back into the house, because pollen can cling to fur.

2. Shower at Night
Consider switching your shampoo routine to nighttime instead of the morning, as you will have a better chance of washing away pollen that has collected on your hair during the day — keeping it from rubbing off on your pillow.

3. Shut It
The doors and windows, that is! Although it can be pleasant to keep windows open as the temperatures get cooler, that invites pollen inside. It is best to close windows and outside doors, especially on high-pollen days.

4. Click Recirculate
Though driving with all the windows down on a fall day is nice, sneezing while driving is not! So it’s best to keep windows and sunroofs closed, and use the recirculate setting instead of the vent, which may let in pollen.

5. Change is Good
Air conditioning and furnace filters should be changed frequently. Check the intervals recommended by the manufacturer, or even change them more frequently if it seems to help.

6. It’s the Humidity
Aim for a humidity level of below 60 percent in your home. A dehumidifier may be required to get your home’s levels lower than 50 percent. Humidifiers should be set up on the main living level of the house for best results.