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Aarti Pais, M.D. – An Integrative Approach


Originally from India, Dr. Aarti Pais chose Family Medicine for the way it allows her to incorporate an integrative approach into her practice and to form lasting relationships with her patients.
AartiPaisMD“When I would envision myself as a doctor, I saw myself treating the whole person and developing long-term relationships with my patients,” says Dr. Pais, who joined Crescent City Physicians, a subsidiary of Touro, in December. “As a family practitioner, you get to know patient’s families and become their go-to person for all of their medical needs.”

Dr. Pais attended medical school in India before attending a medical school exchange program at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, where she focused on primary care. “I spent a very cold winter in Massachusetts doing rotations,” Dr. Pais says. “That was my first introduction to U.S. medicine. In India, we tend to treat more malnutrition communicable diseases as opposed to the lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and hypertension that we see in the U.S., and though there are vast differences, there are also many similarities. Everyone needs healthcare and can benefit from preventive medicine.”

Patient education is what Dr. Pais is most passionate about in her new role as a family medicine physician, which she says allows her to help patients take a more proactive approach with their health. “I’m a strong proponent of preventive medicine,” she says. “There are many diseases that can be avoided with diet, exercise and lifestyle changes.”

Focusing on a healthy lifestyle is Dr. Pais’ main priority when speaking to her patients, and she tries to incorporate integrative medicine into her practice with patients whenever possible. “You only have one body to live in, so you better take care of it,” says Dr. Pais, who plans to complete a fellowship in integrative medicine.

“My background gives me a global perspective, and I feel that Eastern and Western medicine work best when integrated together,” Dr. Pais says. “For example, I talk to my patients about how specific foods have medicinal properties and they can benefit from natural supplements, but I also appreciate the life-saving ability of prescription medications and know they have an important role in today’s healthcare.”

In addition to a healthy diet, Dr. Pais feels strongly about the benefits of meditation and guided imagery for stress management, explaining to her patients that, “Wellness is the healthy balance of mind and body.”

As a young physician, Dr. Pais says that gaining patient trust can be a challenge, but she is excited about the opportunity to develop a good rapport with her patients and form long-term relationships. “The continuity of care is what originally attracted me to family medicine,” she says. “I look forward to getting to celebrate birthdays and milestones with my patients, but I’m also eager to have a role in helping them lead a healthier lifestyle. Educating my patients is really so rewarding for me.”

3434 Prytania St., Ste. 110
New Orleans, LA 70115
(504) 897-7007
Medical School: Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, Father Muller Medical College, Mangalore, India

Clerkships: Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, Tufts University School of Medicine/Baystate Medical Center, Springfield, MA

Residency: Family Medicine, East Jefferson General Hospital/Tulane
University, Metairie, LA

Board Certifications: American Board of Family Medicine