It’s Not Love


My interest in fashion is more along the lines of obsession.

shoptalkfeb2016I get fixated on things; I have a habit to become fanatical about people, fashion, ideas and bad dramatic television series. They draw me in, hold my attention for a while, and, like any initial attraction, if there is no substance behind the beautiful façade, the desire will fade. Sometimes I am lured in by words a person utters, or perhaps the corporal wonder of an object. Although the thrill will begin with goosebumps on the neck, it is what lingers long after the chill that turns my obsession into love. What does it require to turn my lust into love? My love for anything requires some degree of intelligence.

Smart design, cleverness and wit can compel me to purchase an item and sustain a relationship. I want people and fashion to blow my mind. I seek to be startled and to think the extraordinary. Here are a few startling and intelligent things ALG Style is going from lust to love over.

A Beautiful Mind
Fashion designer Amanda deLeon recently released a fashion film, Batibat, to showcase her collections. deLeon’s designs have kept us intrigued for several seasons. Her clothing design is an extension of her personality and feelings, and these traits marry effortlessly with her background in architecture. The structural elements and textures of her pieces will speak to your soul.

The film made its debut on the fashion Website, Blackbook, and has been chosen to screen in the Cannes Short Film Festival. Batibat is set in the eerie swamps and ominous countryside of Louisiana and was directed by Kenny Morrison, who was able to visually interpret deLeon’s night terrors and dark thoughts into high fashion cinematic dreams. “The name Batibat came from the Philippine demon that lives in the woods,” deLeon says. “She reigned over your dreams to ultimately kill you in your sleep.” amandadeleon.com

ALG Style appreciates a good manicure. A polish change and a trip to the salon is a guaranteed mood changer to an otherwise bad day. We are currently thrilled and notably captivated with a new line of high quality nail polish developed by two women who are equally passionate with nails and all things Louisiana. Sisters-in-law Allison and Julie Hoffman are the founders of locally based Native Polish.

These two women who are both mothers and full-time professionals — Allison is in private practice as a clinical social worker and Julie is in marketing and sales — somehow found the time to start their own brand. Their passion, dedication and business savvy development strategies make ALG even more consumed and inspired by the Native Polish brand. During family time, football games and evenings, these industrious women have been able, in less than one year, to land their product in 17 retail locations (including Hemline, Elle, Fleurty Girl, Buff Beauty Bar and Angelique Boutique).

The on-trend hues and quality of Native Polish speaks for itself. Each shade is aptly titled after New Orleans’ glorious and inglorious attributes. The fall lineup includes shades such as Gulf Oyster, Revelry, Pothole, Voodoo Vixen, Hot Sauce and Out on Frenchmen. Each bottle retails for $11 and is packaged in an adorable burlap sack. In addition to its cool hues, Native Polish is vegan, not tested on animals and does not contain any harmful chemicals. “It’s as natural as a nail polish can be,” Allison says.

Native Polish will release its next collection this spring. We are quite interested in what these witty and diligent entrepreneurs will come up with next. Should it be sno-ball or festival themed? Allison and Julie Hoffman are an impressive force, and we wish them much success on this very stylish idea. We think y’all nailed it! facebook.com/nativepolish

This February, we encourage you to indulge your obsessions and lust over all the local love. Happy Shopping!

–Aimée Gowland and Corrie Pellerin, ALG Style