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More Love, Less Violence


Use social media to spread positive messages to your network.

BusinessFeb2017February is the month of love. Help spread the word, because we desperately need more love and less violence. Living in one of the murder capitals of the United States is not something to be particularly proud of. Behind all the Mardi Gras beads, shucked oysters and boisterous brass music is a struggling city with nearly one-quarter of its residents living in poverty, a severely understaffed police force and murder figures per capita three times as high as Chicago’s over the past five years.

New Orleans has a rich and distinctive culture of food, beverage and music, which are all enjoyed and fueled by the tourism and hospitality industries. These internationally recognizable trademarks keep the city alive — more literally, afloat. Yet however magical New Orleans is for some people, it is equally feared by others mindful of the crime and violence that taint the Big Easy’s reputation.

According to a report in The Times-Picayune, Louisiana leads the nation in gun deaths, and nearly 46 percent of Louisiana residents own a gun. While there appears to be a correlation between gun laws, gun ownership and gun deaths, there is a greater concern. People are full of hate and anger, and they resort to violent acts that damage our trust in each other. Our nation and our society is at risk of being torn apart.

Cities across the nation are threatened by the wave of violence, which continues to plague our communities. One day it’s an armed robbery; the next day it’s a kidnapping; and the next day it’s a deadly shooting. What are people thinking? Are we not all Americans? Are we not all humans?

Violence has spread beyond our borders too. All around the world, terrorism and war have ravaged cities and communities. Messages of hate, racism, sexism, xenophobia and more are shared via the internet and on social media. Where has all the love gone?

This fight to rid the world of hate comes down to our own actions. We must come together as equals and show that love and kindness, friendship and coexistence are essential pillars of our society. Without these beliefs, we are savages in a modern world.

We can all set an example by treating each other kindly, spreading the love, and condemning acts of violence and hate. We are stronger together, and the world is a much more beautiful, vibrant and livable place when we have more love and less violence. All it takes is one action to brighten someone’s day. Take that step today and help spread the love.


Spread the Love 

There are many online channels for sharing your thoughts and feelings. Be an active user of social media and try sending positive messages over the following platforms at least once per week.

Facebook: Whether you have 100 friends or 10,000 friends, Facebook is the best way to stay in touch with our network. Post about your life in a positive way and invite intellectual conversation to your opinions. Avoid using Facebook to blow off steam or spread hate messages. Your friends do not want to see that.

Twitter: Twitter is a fast and easy way to share inspirational quotes, funny moments in your life, creative ideas, insightful thoughts and more. Keep a positive tone when you Tweet.

Instagram: Several forms of social media were made for mobile devices — Instagram is one of them. Share photos of yourself and your surroundings to show love and inspire your followers. With a little luck, you may even become Insta-famous.

LinkedIn: The best platform to connect with your professional network is LinkedIn. Become a presence on the site and share news, interesting stories and professional advice with your connections.

Whichever platform you prefer, always make sure to be positive and spread the love.