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Fashion: April 2018


Fashion Shoot


As the temperature rises, look for lightweight and airy spring fashions that have plenty of movement.

Taking Stride
Striped goldenrod halter maxi dress from Stonefree; burnt gold sunburst earrings from Wildflower

Shine On
Silver long-hooded stretch cardigan and jersey raglan embroidery tee both from Relish; silver gem hoop earrings from Lukka

One & Done
Blush cropped jumper with wide-leg pants and multiple bracelets all from Wildflower

Laid-Back Chic
Blush silk sleeveless crystal-studded cami top and olive green jogger pants both from Lukka


Fashion Editor: Tracee Dundas | @fashionablyyoursnola
Photographer: Eduardo Benitez | @ebphotographs
Makeup Artist: Glenn Mosley | @glennmosley8885
Hair Stylist: Heidi Schirrmann
Model: Jenna Harvey, Aboutfaces MTM