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A Growing Partnership


In the last 25 years, ambulatory surgery centers and surgical hospitals have become an anchor in the healthcare industry. ASCs, such as South Lake Surgery Center, are healthcare facilities that allow patients to have surgeries and procedures conveniently performed outside of the hospital setting. Since their inception, ASCs have demonstrated an exceptional ability to improve quality and customer service while simultaneously reducing costs.

LSU Healthcare Network entered into a partnership in January with South Lake Surgical Center, a freestanding multidisciplinary ambulatory surgery center located in LaPlace. The 9,700-square-foot facility is equipped with seven pre-operative rooms and eight recovery bays. The South Lake Surgery Center offers eight specialties: orthopedics; gynecology; ophthalmology; gastroenterology; general surgery; urology; pain management; and ENT surgical services.

With these specialties, South Lake Surgical Center offers access for patients who need diagnostic testing and surgical services in the River Parish area. “We aim to enhance and expand health services provided for the residents of the River Parishes and surrounding areas in partnership with local providers,” says J. Christian Winters, M.D., CEO of the LSU Healthcare Network.

Three areas in which patients have benefited from having the convenience of an ASC in the LaPlace area are in gastroenterology, orthopedic and urological surgeries.

Dr. John Harrington, a board-certified gastroenterologist, is a member of the original physician group that created South Lake Surgery Center. The group of established physicians recognized that the River Parishes region needed a surgical center, so they pooled their resources and experience together to develop South Lake Surgery Center.

With its alliance of compassionate, competent, caring healthcare professionals committed to providing quality care, the ASC is striving to continually improve patient care through evolving technology and professional development,” Dr. Harrington says. Common digestive disorders addressed by GI physicians include reflux (GERD), colon polyps, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease and colitis. Gastrointestinal endoscopy is frequently required in the evaluation and management of these conditions. “These routine GI procedures are well suited to the Ambulatory Surgery Center setting,” Dr. Harrington adds. “Utilizing the state-of-the-art equipment, techniques and anesthesia at SLSC, these procedures can be performed safely and painlessly in a comfortable outpatient setting. Patients can avoid the time and expense of traveling to hospital-based facilities outside of the parish.”

Dr. Vinod Dasa, the board-certified orthopedic surgeon who performed the first two outpatient knee replacement surgeries in the region at the new South Lake Surgery Center in June 2018 is at the forefront of some of the latest advancements in orthopedic surgery. “South Lake Surgical Center offers an advanced facility to perform cutting-edge surgery and clinical trials research, and LSU’s state-of-the-art computer navigation system allows precise and accurate control over surgical techniques,” he says. “Generally, we can send patients home within a day after surgery or the same day. It is a great facility for surgeries.”

Dr. Matthew Mutter, a board-certified urologist who focuses on a wide range of urologic conditions — such as kidney stones, voiding and erectile dysfunction, and benign prostatic conditions — is thrilled to be expanding his practice to the River Parishes and South Lake Surgical Center where he can perform same-day surgical procedures. “We are committed to the most up-to-date urologic procedures, especially in the areas of men’s health and urologic cancers,” he says. “We are proud to be working at South Lake Surgery Center and proud to be delivering care to residents in the surrounding areas.”

South Lake Surgery Center proudly offers a superior level of care by consistently monitoring quality of services to ensure that it provides convenient, quality, outpatient surgical services in a setting that invites medical partnerships and a team approach to medical solutions. Awarded the American Association of Ambulatory Health Care accreditation (the highest level of certification in the field), South Lake Surgery Center is committed to offering the safest and highest level of care to it surgical patients. “We look forward to working with South Lake to expand the scope of services to this rapidly growing community and to serve the needs of the surrounding area,” Dr. Winters says.

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