Gordon Maganet, M.D.


Dr. Gordon Maganet has been in family medicine for almost 30 years.

“I treat people of all ages with all types of health problems, including acute medical problems, prevention problems, screening, mental illness, heart problems, lung problems and the whole gamut,” Maganet says. Most recently, he began training in integrative medicine. “It is an expansion of family medicine but with a big focus on prevention, a strong relationship between the doctor and the patient and helping people use their natural healing powers.” Integrative medicine is a combination of complementary, alternative and conventional wisdom.

Maganet shared that a lot of people come in with anxiety issues and want strategies for sleep that do not involve medications and ask about healthy ways to deal with the stresses of everyday life. “People can use simple breathing techniques, meditation, hypnosis, guided imagery or yoga,” Maganet says.

People should take into account body, mind and spirit and try to look at themselves as a whole. He finds that people do not sleep enough and often wonder why they are anxious or tired. “They can avoid or limit caffeine and other stimulants and sometimes use supplements like valerian or chamomile,” he says.

Maganet knew for a long time that he would be a doctor because of his interest in nutrition and science. He particularly likes the variety in his field. “It is not repetitive and can surprise you because it involves keeping up to date with a wide range of issues,” Maganet says. He also stresses that all health variables are not in his hands. “A lot of it comes down to how people treat themselves and live, which can influence their health.” He sees his role as the scientific part. “I am interested in doing the detective work, having the conversation and coaching people on making changes that can help themselves,” says Maganet. Sometimes this means using medication or referring to specialists.

Everyone should see a doctor. “You should have an ongoing relationship with a physician who knows you and your background so when problems arise he is aware and he should counsel you on day-to-day issues you may confront that are not diseases,” says Maganet. Maganet says there are national guidelines for screenings, including blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes, and for women, breast exams and pap smears. “They may be adapted to the person because some of the guidelines depend on what you have had done in the past or your background.”

Maganet is pleased with advances in technology but prides the community on what he refers to as their attitude advance. “I think patients are more interested in being proactive, getting information by reading books or using the Internet and coming to the doctor informed,” says Maganet. They no longer sit back and accept instruction.

When Maganet is not at work, he enjoys reading, walking, being outside and playing ice hockey. He is married and has a daughter.

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“It is good to be in touch with yourself through whatever healthy means you can.”

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