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Follow Your NOLA


A New Orleans marketing campaign invites locals and visitors alike to discover all that the Crescent City has to offer.
moversshakersJan2015We love New Orleans for its quirky culture, gluten-filled foods and authentic music. Whether you’ve lived here your entire life, or you’re one of the hard-working enthusiastic Millennials who recently moved here to jumpstart your career, it’s undeniable: New Orleans gets under your skin.

Unlike other destinations, New Orleans knows that its value proposition to prospective visitors is the places you and I frequent — restaurants like Carrollton Market, neighborhood bars like Finn McCool’s Irish Pub, and exploring the vast greenery in Audubon and City parks.

Now, New Orleans is trying something new: developing a line of merchandise that represents who we are — with high-quality t-shirts, tote bags and posters that feature themes like rhythm and voodoo — all available at store.neworleansonline.com. The store also features native brands, like the city’s iconic water meter that you can find on any street (and as clocks, oven mitts and doormats in many NOLA restaurants — and maybe even your home!).

As the city continues to promote leisure travel to the rest of the country, I think it is important that we as residents also embrace the Follow Your NOLA campaign. One way to do so is by using the #followyournola hashtag on social media, while you’re off discovering the city.

Another way to celebrate our great city is to hop on the new store and send gifts to your family and friends who haven’t visited you recently. They’ll love the gesture, and, who knows, maybe it will be the catalyst for them to book a ticket to visit! All of the store products are screened and shipped from the Bywater through a partnership with Dirty Coast and Purple Monkey Design to ensure only the best products are available for our visitors and residents.

New York’s iconic campaign, I Love New York, is on every street in their city. We’d love to see this happen to Follow Your NOLA. Our economy depends on it, and so, too, does the very fabric of our city.

So in other words, Follow Your NOLA to every part of our city to experience all that New Orleans has to offer. Whether by foot, ferry, streetcar, bus or car, turn the compass to your next New Orleans adventure.