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The Buzz – August 2006


He’s at it again … after his $1 million redo of stellar Stella!, innovative chef Scott Boswell added Eric Veney (former executive chef of Muriel’s) as executive sous chef to complement Nolan Ventura, pastry chef, and chef Gabrielle Molina. That’s a lot of chefs! Boswell also has visions of taking Stanley, his post-Katrina French Quarter restaurant, global. Stay tuned.


Chef-proprietor Ron Wilemon and his Allegro Restaurant in the Energy Center is open for lunch with bar happiness until 8 p.m. His tomato basil soup is delicious! I’ve just got to mention it. Our very own Mike Theis (gadfly that he is) was spotted celebrating his birthday at Galatoire’s. And of note is our lovely beauty editor, Cat Wall, who is preparing for her wedding at the Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte near Paris. The château’s interior was designed by 17th-century painter and decorator Charles Le Brun, and it is considered his finest masterpiece. LeBrun’s artistry can also been seen inside the Palace of Versailles. Très chic!

Bravo for the New Orleans Ballet Association! Muriel’s Jackson Square was the place to be for “Let’s Dance” under the auspices of the Ballet Resource and Volunteer Organization (BRAVO). Benjamin Crosby hosted the Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry patron party at his handsome FQ digs and Marlene Jaffe and Theresa Guzetta graciously chaired the soiree. Thank you very much.

I hope you watched the Faulkner House Society’s Juleps in June fete aired on Cox Channel 10 recently. The show titled “New Orleans Living” is our TV media presentation Tuesdays at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 9:30 a.m. Tune in. It’s a veritable who’s who and what’s what that will keep you informed.

Did you hear the roar? The Rolls Royce Club rolled out of town for the National Show-Off meet in Chicago. I saw Marta Senac in her Rolls with what looked like Evelyn Preuss in the flurry. Girls will be girls!

Did you check out the 25-page article on New Orleans in the June issue of Town and Country? A positively fabulous read about your city and what it means to live here. I understand Sharon and George Massey and writer friend Debra Shriver deserve some credit for their part in its publication. Oh, and the latest in Cosmopolitan? New Orleans attorney and bon vivant Mark Bloom has been named one of the hottest men in America!


The Wit of Dorothy Parker and the Music of Her Era was the subject of Hans Wundfluh’s recent Round Table Luncheon at Begue’s in the Royal Sonesta Hotel. Raconteur Al Shea, pianist Jim Walpole and songbird Lyla Hay
Owen held captive the audience of writers, journalists and filmmakers with their cabaret performance. Reminiscent of the Round Tables at the Algonquin Hotel in New York, it’s a new tradition built on fond memories and fresh ideas that has been born in New Orleans.