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Style: XO for the XY Chromosomes


A new clothing store brings stylish menswear to Metairie Road.

StyleMarch2016I love men, all men. I have no partiality to gay, straight, bi -sexual, black, white, Asian or any ethnicity; I adore them and consider them undeniably amazing. Specifically, I am captivated by a man with intellect and confidence whether he is three years old or 93 years young. When we acquire a new guy client, he typically falls into two different categories: he either has no time at all to purchase clothing and put together a wardrobe or he is going through a transition is his life. Nevertheless, both types of men are confident enough to ask for help when needed; they want style advice; and, of course, they are intelligent enough to call the ALG experts for assistance.

Bruce Wayne, James Bond, Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick Watson, and William Wallace are all fictional characters that possess attractive manly traits like selflessness, conviction and wit — yet all are flawed. All qualities that ALG believes make a true man. What is also intriguing about these fictional characters is they all have an impeccable sense of style. We do not suggest a man trot around town in indigo war paint, yet we can all agree it is quite a flattering hue. We want our clients to feel confident, true to themselves and sharp in their clothing regardless if they are working on a job site or working it at Happy Hour. ALG Style is thrilled to introduce a new locally owned men’s clothing store on Metairie Road, Iron Horse Clothier, which can outfit the man about town.

Iron Horse Clothier opened late fall 2015, and is a welcome and much needed addition to the local shopping scene on Metairie Road. Owner Joe Caldarera, whose background is in construction and development, saw the need for a high-quality men’s clothing store in the New Orleans area. “We found a niche on Metairie Road that was missing,” he says. “With so many shops tailored to women, we set out to even the score with an upscale men’s apparel store.”

The psychology of the male shopper is one of convenience, and “search and retrieve,” Caldarera says. The man who frequents Metairie Road, Carrolton or Lakeview must travel out of his typical route to other parts of the city just to pick up a new pair of shoes or jeans. With ample parking, exemplary customer service and accessibility, Iron Horse will draw in the creatures of habit and keep them returning.

Caldarera and his wife Tiffany, with the assistance of his daughter Kim Sam-Pang, visited men’s retailers in the Southeast for ideas and inspiration. Their market research and endeavors were seemingly effortless; the store is stunning. What makes Iron Horse so distinctive is the love and labor that went into the concept and building. Caldarera himself — on his own hands and knees — toiled on the building, its fixtures and its finishes. He built the display tables himself, and they are for sale as well. The location has many remarkable details and extraordinary touches. The wood along the back wall belonged to the stables that housed the famous American thoroughbred, Secretariat. There are beautiful reclaimed cypress walls and polished concrete floors. The store even smells fantastic.

Caldarera created an environment that entices you to hang out, have a good bourbon and visit with old friends.

The clothing and accessory lines that Iron Horse carries appeal to the traditional man’s sense of style as well as those that might want pieces with a slight edge. Iron Horse’s inventory is not trendy or ostentatious in its selection, which is exactly what our own clients gravitate toward. We at ALG favor our men to be on-trend and current. Iron Horse can address the wishes and the bank accounts of all generations of males. Caldarera and his staff have the ability to fill the wardrobe of the father, son and grandfather. Denim lines include Agave Denim and Mavi Jeans, suits and jackets from Coppley and Ibiza, as well as closet staples from Peter Millar and Slate & Stone.

We encourage you to patronize Iron Horse, but be forewarned that you may want to stay awhile and have a good drink. After you’ve purchased some new goods for spring, you can hop right back on the horse you rode in on. Iron Horse Clothier, 523 Metairie Road, Metairie, (504) 644-4800

–Aimée Gowland and Corrie Pellerin, ALG Style