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Say I Do to Good Wedding Advice

Kate Moss, Carla Bruni, Michelle Obama and Nicole Ritchie … step away prior fashion muses … there is a new love in my life. I am absolutely fanatical over Kate Middleton’s poise and loveliness. Not unlike a freshman school girl’s crush in awe of the Senior Homecoming Queen, I am star struck and trying to refrain from reverting to stalker like tendencies.  I, among millions of other fashion insiders, am following all things Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales. She is stunning, elegant, composed and modern, and most importantly has an incredible sense of style. Hail Kate full of grace! (Keep a watchful eye on her sister Pippa too.) I am thrilled to answer the next few reader’s questions coming off a high from the weeks of pomp and circumstance that surrounded the wedding of all weddings.

I am attending an early morning wedding that will include a church service, I have a sundress I would like to wear but it is a pale blue and could appear almost white if photographed. Am I committing a major wedding faux pas? I am open to suggestions.

Glenda, the good guest, Gretna

Apart from the giggles heard around the world caused by the hat the Prince’s first cousin Princess Beatrice adorned at the royal ceremony,(former Princess Sarah Ferguson’s daughter wore an odd hat designed by Philip Treacy)we with planning and discretion can certainly avoid a fashion blunder.

A morning wedding tends to be a little more on the casual side.  Sundresses or suits in lighter colors or floral patterns and light weight fabrics are appropriate. A stylish hat, flats and sandals are perfectly acceptable. It is proper etiquette for weddings that include a religious ceremony that female quests keep their shoulders and décolletage covered, so bring a fine gage cardigan or wrap. For your date’s or male companion’s attire, business casual dress is fine.

In regards to your pale-hued sundress, as long as it does not look white in comparison to the bride’s gown then you are free from nasty glances from the mother of the bride. If you are still unclear about attire it is best to ask a friend of the bride.

I am getting ready to take some engagement photos that will include my fiancé. We want to do something different that suits our personality and lifestyle but will not look dated when we reminisce on our 20th wedding anniversary.

Bessie, betrothed, Bucktown

So I assume the photographer, Mario Testino, who photographed Kate and Will, will not be catching you both in a natural moment?

The staged photographs of couples wearing coordinating outfits looking dreamily into each other’s eyes make my stomach spasm. When does any couple ever look like that in real life? For that matter, think of the ridicule the future husband receives from his friends when they see those goofy pictures. Take notice: If I ever see a couple in identical ensembles get ready for a world of mockery and laughter.

The goal of the photo is to capture an image that evokes who you are as a couple. Your photo should aim to appear as natural and relaxed as feasible (difficult if taken outdoors in the heat and humidity of a blazing New Orleans morning with mosquitoes nipping at your neck). The photographer should be able to portray an enhanced version of your already perfectly blissful selves. Here is a list of tips to keep your pictures timeless and stylish:

Pay attention to the patterns and cuts of your outfits. Bold patterns can overwhelm you and empire and baby dolls dresses and tops, no matter how thin you are, make you look like you are planning a shotgun wedding.

  • Solid colors are always better and shy away from hues that match your skin tone.
  • Refrain from matching outfits but look for ones that complement each other.
  • Research images of famous couples who you admire.
  • Wear what you might put on for a date or an evening out. If you plan to use props, such as a bouquet of balloons or are going with a kitschy theme, be weary of the colors and setting. You and your intended should be the focus of the picture not the props or backdrop.
  • Keep your hair as you typically wear it but go a little heavier with the makeup so you will not wash out in the pictures.

There are multitudes of resources for creative wedding photography and ideas. There are also a few local retailers that, although they may just sell dresses and stationary, always have the best advice, suggestions and opinions on all things wedding as well.





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