Bon Apetit September

In a city that resonates French food, culture and nomenclature, we often lose sight of the significant contributions, particularly within the culinary world, imparted by Spanish settlers. Luckily we have chefs like Glen Hogh of Vega Tapas Cafe who possess an unbridled passion for Spain. He has made it his mission to promote the diverse […]

Seven Simple Steps to Better Grilling

Nothing is more satisfying to a carnivore than a tender, juicy, perfectly cooked prime cut of beef. But, for those of us who are not professional chefs, how can we guarantee such a succulent steak at home? Well, New Orleans Living posed that very question to steak expert executive chef Jack Martinez, of Dickie Brennan’s […]


It’s a fact that many people claim that their favorite type of pie is the fabulously addictive, savory pizza pie. With so many options in the New Orleans area for this delectably craveworthy food, diners can dig into an amazing array of pizzas with toppings that range from caviar to cinnamon! New Orleans Living suggests […]

Chocolate in the City

In every one of its conceivably magnificent forms, from creamy bonbons to silky fondues, malted milks to the reliable solid candy bar, chocolate has the ability to elevate minds, hearts and spirits. Like no other delicacy in history, chocolate has been universally known to send shivers down spines while planting smiles on faces, supposedly due […]

Let’s Get Cooking Again, New Orleans!

One of my favorite things to do in the whole world is to curl up on my sofa and get comfortable with a mug of hot tea and a plethora of cookbooks and food magazines. Ranging from classic New Orleans-style cooking to Moroccan cuisine, serious chocolate lover’s bibles to Vegetarian Times, these books and periodicals […]